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Autumn Leaves

The world I once knew is no more.

 As this summer season comes to a violent and terrorizing end there are still those days that I retreat into my inner sanctum to seek shelter from all the troubles of the world around. Every so often though images appear in my conscious thoughts that take me back to wondrous days of all those yesteryears. With great fondness I can still recall my father retelling stories of remembering when. I guess when we all reach a certain age where the Autumn of our years settles in we come to the realization that we all do, remember when.  

Like a kaleidoscope of images in younger years flashes before recalling times of a life filled with great passion and great loss. For without either life would have no meaning. Fortunate I was not to harbor hate or malice for all the loss I endured. I just remember when with gratitude for a life fulfilled. I have come to understand that as we all travel on the road of life we encounter pitfalls or obstacles that so often force a deviation off our charted path. Sometimes those obstacles so great have made the path we initially chose seem impossible to travel. Every now and again we pause to reflect. We even consider alternate routes or completely make a course correction and choose a different path instead. For me those obstacles and pot holes in the road ahead were mere annoyances. With swift agility, by leaps and bounds I  persevered through the adversities that always laid ahead. 

There were moments I considered life too harsh only to realize what purpose I had to fulfill. It was those moments in solitude where choices were made. Reflecting and remembering back to joyous celebration of bygone years gave me the hope and aspiration to keep that chosen path I decided long ago. But, the world around has somehow changed to a more darker intone, more sinister in hate, and more violent in aggression. Unrecognizable the surroundings are. My realm of reality now is filled with remorse amid the sorrow that the world I once knew has vanished without a trace. Those carefree days of bygone years where the flickering memories I hold dear are now overshadowed by too many insidious acts of betrayal against the sanctity of life itself. Whether the cold calculated murderous assault or other violent acts of aggression all over the world continue to display that mankind still can’t grasp the ideas of harmonious union for all.  

The most recent carnage where individuals carried out insidious murderous acts of terror in that Washington Navy yard have continued to manifest the reality that our world continues to be on the verge of great upheaval. Callous orchestrated wonton acts of terror and mayhem continue to overtake a society as a whole. Whether it was just recently in that navy yard,  school yard, the Boston Marathon, movie theater or a world away in the Mid-East speak for themselves of how far we have to go.  

For one who has reached the Autumn of the years I am one of too many whose eyes are awash with tears of sorrow and woe. Can it be a society that is supposed to be of moral virtue is infested with others who blatantly seek a darker path? This and other questions have to be asked. As my old Professor Franklin once said “only when we reach a critical juncture in the upheaval of life will we resolve to solve the current crisis that has risen.” Apparently, our society has not finally reached that most critical point of no return. But I can’t help think of the too many innocent victims who languish with the unanswerable questions. 

Those answerable questions though have answers. Our ability to grasp the concept and implement solutions to the troubling instances that have only grown more frequent and intense have so far eluded the powers that be. Could it be they that they really are just to blind to see, not aware of how to proceed or find answers that they won’t benefit from?  In either case until our whole society reaches that critical juncture and say enough is enough will this nation find the answers and put safeguards in place. Maybe then the world I know will be more recognizable. But, until we as citizens of the world stop squandering precious moments of our lives by not coming together the carnage against man and nature will continue.        

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