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Bare Facts

Facts that are ultimate truth will not be liked by majority.Facts that caters to liking of the majority are not always truth.

  Truth in its naked form  is unpalatable and will not find  any supporters to  protect it. Absolute truth has no takers,and people who state these facts to the world will  be hunted and pushed into no man’s land.So  in most cases,people who knows the  absolute truth will keep their mouth shut to escape the aftermaths of  being bold to state the truth. Julian Assange was hunted down and his  personal weakness made known to the whole world. He never claimed to be a saint,but only pointed out glitches in the dealings of governments and embassies.He was tarnished and brought down for being bold to blurt out truth.In spite of this, Edward Snowden, was bold enough to  expose the surveillance techniques used by PRISM that  invaded the  privacy of individuals. This open boldness to state the naked truth has caused  him to become a homeless refugee with nowhere to go,and  sans friends to fall back.He has lost his own rights and citizen ship and  will be forced to face draconian rules and regulation to nail him down as a traitor. This shows that if truth is  open and bold,it will  lack supporters and friends to uphold  it.

The Media  tried their best to trail him for more  information  to further their publicity and circulation  and  thus  created  added trouble for his existence. They dissected the  pros and cons of his action  but left him in the lurch to run for  his safety.The man who stated bare facts about national  security surveillance,is on the run for his own security.The society and the authorities will never knowingly encourage the brood of whistle blowers because each one has their bunch of  skeletons to hide in  their cupboard.   So the universe will never encourage,in  flourishing the brood of  whistle blowers, because of their bold and blunt stand.  Another factor that  prevent the existence of whistle blowers, is  the ordinary human beings indifference towards them. Even though whistle blowers have more foes to fight  than friends  to back them,what dissuades their brood is the mass indifference of the common man for whom they risk their life. The politicians,their colleagues in the work place and bureaucrats will always be against them,for they are  the  ones who will be exposed by their bold stand. They get crucified for our sins of being indifferent to the truth,which if they didn’t oppose  would become a trap for our own personal freedom and existence.Why are we  betraying the boldness one human being who forsake his comfort for us to enjoy our personal comfort and freedom?We closed our eyes when Julian Assange bluntly revealed the naked face of truth. Are we going to show the same apathy towards Edward Snowden also? If we do so more Hitlers,Mussolini’s and Stalin will  rise up to destroy our personal freedom for our selfish indifference,and then it will be too late to regret.

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