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Believe in You and Anything is Possible!

How belief can change things if you honestly believe you can!

Honestly, believe what you want to be, it can be yours!

I often find myself at lost for words. I know! Shocking, isn’t it! At times, the feelings cannot fit any words. A silent stillness: that shall not be broken. It has to be, pulled out from inside and displayed as a sign that things, emotions or feelings tend to be void of any random thought. It is a focus so pure and naked of spirit or heart.

Colored lights dance behind my eyes fluttering like a humming bird wings: tormenting my brain to find the image and bring it into what used to be an empty page.  Momentary images of loved ones both past and present; some smile some cry.  

Images become a barrage of memories that sharpen then fade in a blink of an inner eye. Taking that deep breath and feel the energy within shocks the nerves and embraces the reality of what there is to come and how to handle it.

Sometimes we notice things when we shut off part of our emotions and senses. If you close your eyes, your ears hear so much more. If we block our hearing and looking around we see things as they are.

If we block both our eyes and ears our sense of smell become trained to what is there. The visions behind closed eyes shall take shape as a moving picture if you look for it.  

The mind can be a powerful ally, and also a curse.  Believing in ourselves has a lot to do with what we can accomplish.  Most of our life stems from the thoughts we place in our life.

A Navy friend of mine told me he could feel his foot move when he thought about it. He had no legs.  Another friend said he could see how far away the train was and how fast it was going. He was blind. Another person said that she can dance to the rhythm of a conga beat yet she was death.

Some choose to take what they cannot do as an excuse too who they can be in life.  They believe that there is no one out there willing to train them because of what tragic afflictions that were place upon them.

We, sometimes live by your own limitations. Some only think they are limited; because they have no desire to try it. Most are scared; and shall find every excuse not to try whatsoever.

If you think you are going to be sick, you will be. If you think, you have a short life. Then you might find a way to shorten it.

What we are is what we believe we are. If you change the way you think you may change the course of your life and either improve or destroy it.

We all want is to live a happy, healthy, and prosperous life.  Only when you truly believe it, you can achieve it. Yet even when doubt becomes the focus of your life, you must push it aside and tell yourself, “I CAN DO IT BECAUSE I BELIEVE I CAN AND NOT WHEN OTHERS TELL ME I CAN’T!”

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