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But Whereas The Mind is That The Observer of Life

But whereas the mind is that the observer of life.

 As men area unit typically physically stronger than girls, it typically makes it laborious to grasp that they might be scared of girls. this is often one thing that may sound illogical and abnormal. once some individuals hear this it will sound like some reasonably joke.

But whereas this might sound illogical and even laughable, for men UN agency have this worry, it’s a awfully real expertise and not a happy matter. the thought that involves mind of a person that fears girls, may be one that appears weak or feeble as an example.

And yet, this will relate to a person that’s additionally physically well developed. Appearances area unit impertinent here and that they don’t outline whether or not a person can worry girls or not.


There area unit then planning to be varied challenges which will seem in one’s life attributable to having this worry. the first one is maybe planning to relate to the world of intimacy and in attracting the type of lady or girls that one needs.

However, this will additionally cause difficulties in ones career and once it involves connecting to colleagues and mangers that area unit feminine. the need to possess friends UN agency area unit feminine is also there, however this might not be doable through having this worry.


Although this will be famed through varied kinds of behaviour, there’s seemingly to make sure patterns that one can expertise. And despite what these area unit, the results area unit planning to be the same: a man’s desires and needs are going to be denied.

So these may relate to behaviours that area unit extreme to behaviours that area unit a lot of delicate in nature. and a few of those are: a person may avoid girls throughout bound things or try and avoid them altogether; act: submissive, shy, and to a fault polite or go quiet around them.

The Body

While behaviour is a method that this worry shows itself, what’s getting into the body is what sometimes precedes the behaviour. this will be a mixture of: feelings, emotions and sensations. For a person that fears girls, it’s planning to be fairly bound that anxiety are some things they’re only too conversant in.

During AN expertise with a girl, ones whole body may be consumed with a myriad of emotions and feelings; in conjunction with totally different sensations that seem and cause tightness and unease in numerous components of the body.


There area unit common reasons on why a person would worry girls and these area unit typically taken from organic process psychological science or some space of science. Here, it’s typically aforementioned that this worry is tough wired and a part of a man’s nature as an example. Or they will be some reasonably historical clarification.

And though this might sound correct and even legitimate, particularly if it’s come back from the globe of science, it seldom ends up in solutions. therefore some reasonably validation is earned, however not abundant else.

The Story Maker

When it involves understanding why things happen and what causes them, the mind sees itself because the skilled. And regardless of the mind comes up with is typically what’s tagged because the truth, once it involves what causes things to happen.

The mind will this through deciphering what’s sees and these interpretations area unit created through the mind drawing on what’s is aware of. this will be a mixture of past experiences, intellectual data and assumptions as an example.

But whereas the mind is that the observer of life and forms answers through interpretation, the body is what experiences life in real time and contains the important answers on why one thing happens.

The Rejection

As feelings will typically be painful and overwhelming, it will cause one rejecting their body and living in their head. so one will come back to ascertain the top as having the answers and not the body.

These are often painful feelings that were shaped within the terribly starting of ones life. However, tho’ living in one’s head and ignoring the body, the important answers become unheeded and unnoted. that the reasonably history that had and therefore the real origins of those feelings then becomes a mystery.


One of the largest factors in process whether or not a person can feel comfy or uncomfortable with girls can depend upon what their early relationship was like with their mother. however they gone through a man’s desires, needs and wishes as a baby are going to be unbelievably vital.

And this can for the most part be a results of what her emotional ingest was like. If she was empathetic and showing emotion on the market, these desires would usually be met and therefore the mother would be stable in most cases.

But if the mother was showing emotion untouchable and unempathic, then these desires, needs and wishes would usually go unmet. And this additionally implies that the mother may be unstable. If this is often the case, the mother could have had moments of being gently to very showing emotion, verbally or physically abusive.


So within the case of the mother that was showing emotion unstable, it might have cause all types of unpleasant emotions being created. In some cases, this sort of mother would be tagged as having a borderline temperament.

For if one had a mother like this, then to feel worry would be traditional. What was planning to happen next would be unknown and thus anxiety would even be traditional. whereas one could have felt: worry, anxiety, rejection, panic which it had been unsafe amongst alternative emotions. If the mother was showing emotion unaware, then these emotions would have had to possess been pushed out of one’s awareness as a baby.

This would are essential once it came to their survival. As though this mother was unstable and even daunting, she was additionally imperative to ones existence.

The Forgotten Past

Years will then elapse and one can have gone type a baby to a person. however whereas one has physically modified, it doesn’t suggest that one has showing emotion modified. attributable to these feelings being pushed down throughout those early moments, they then became cornered and frozen within the body.

This means that they’re going to wish to return out and be discharged. The body needs to unharness them, however the mind will get within the method of this method and can use all types of defence mechanisms. therefore whenever one comes across a girl, these inhibited feelings and emotions can seem over again. As alternative girls area unit merely triggering what exists at intervals.


To hear that a person is scared of girls will sound illogical, however if a person had AN early upbringing like this, then it’s utterly logical. it’s a lot of a case of however else may they feel around girls.

These feelings and emotions that have designed up can ought to be discharged. And this will be done through a expert or a healer which will permit one to face and unharness their emotional history.

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