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Change Your Subconscious with Subliminal Message Cd

Change your subconscious with subliminal message CD.

In the subliminal, send a message directly to your subconscious. Change and change subconscious reality! Subliminal bypasses the conscious manifest. By sending messages directly to the subconscious, bypassing the apparent resistance of consciousness. Even know how the subconscious, life must send the message remains the same. Do you have any to send subliminal messages?

Just 15 minutes a day listening to music, your subconscious will change, If you were going to change reality, Do you do?,  If you know how the subconscious without changing the actual sending of messages, as it is subconscious. However, your subconscious mind has already been contaminated with modern environmental message. 

And environmental messages, even without your awareness refers to the noise coming from the environmental community. Your subconscious mind is what I have been satisfied? 

Subconscious, and the power house it is said. Subconscious is a dream come true Silent Force. It is your consciousness, the unconscious message is faithfully execute the power house. Subconscious, but received a negative but a positive message, as it enables the faithful. And the subconscious, are said to keep working for 24 hours. Subconscious is so powerful and yet, we are defenseless, and every day, and every message sent to the subconscious. Messages are sent to you, such as those from external advertising, and some of his voluntary self-talk. And your subconscious mind, accept the message of such a jumble, and it has a realization today. 

Such a powerful subconscious or not it send a message in a positive life change? But this hope was realized, the program is combined with music and subliminal messages are widely used in the United States. 

The effect of subliminal music products, there are some features.

  • Faster relax while meditating
  • Helps activate certain chakras / balance
  • Astral projection / OOBE
  • Past life regression
  • As an alternative treatment
  • etc

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