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Cloning The Human and Animal Gene: Science of The World

This article gives info, photos, and Christian beliefs about genetically cloning pets, girlfriends, animals, workers, children and etc.

e-science: identificato in Sardegna un gene responsabile della sclerosi multipla (Nature Genetics, 09 May 2010) (Photo credit: zipckr)

Gene Siskel (Photo credit: Alan Light)

  1. Visions of Perfection…If, or when, human cloning becomes a reality, we could start cloning people with the greatest minds or bodies to create a race of total perfection. One could clone 

  2. Should Human Cloning Be Banned? – Civil Liberties – › … › International Human RightsScientists generally agree that it would be irresponsible to clone a human being until cloning has been perfected, given that the cloned human would probably 

  3. Should it be legal to clone human beings? – › Opinions › HealthThe doctors could just could clone a human and test their product on the clone…. a “perfect” child, or a clone of whoever best represents perfection in their eyes.

  4. Human Reproductive Cloning from the Perspective of the Future the clone looks back on today, and hears today’s arguments, what will he or The argument that we ought to postpone human cloning until we have perfected (Even so, suppose you were a slightly deformed human clone - would you 

    1. Human Cloning Foundation Home Page education, awareness, and research with emphasis on the possible rewards.

    2. English: This is diagram of how Dolly the sheep was made. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    3. Nobel Prize Winner Says Human Cloning Coming Within 50 Years…/nobel-prize-winner-says-human-cloningDec 19, 2012 – Once scientists perfected SCNT in humans under the guise of “stem cell  “Anything other than a total ban on human cloning would be virtually …. Former Abortion Clinic Worker Shuts Down Center Where She Worked 

    4. Dulce Informant Speaks Out! Secret Government cloned humans by a process perfected in the world’s largest and most  Finally in 1978 a small group of workers discovered the truth.

    5. Human Cloning: Impacts To Women | The General Board of Church › … › Articles by Segment TemplateThus, perfection of animal cloning techniques in select species will not render cloningsafe in humans. The only way to make cloning safe in humans would be to 

      1. ‘Now we have the technology that can make a cloned child  › News › ScienceApr 14, 2008 – A new form of cloning has been developed that is easier to carry out than the technique used to create Dolly the sheep, raising fears that it may 

      2. Human cloning: A horror for the children 4, 2001 – Here is a child, a clone. His father’s DNA placed into his mother’s egg, he is born of her womb. Is he a perfect replica of his father? Physically 

      1. Steps in Cloning a Gene…/pluginpop.cgi?…Desired gene. The first step in cloning a gene is to isolate the DNA from the organism that contains the desired gene. Play. Text. Audio. Pause. Desired gene 

      2. Images for cloning genes

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      3. Cloning Fact Sheet “clone a gene,” a DNA fragment containing the gene of interest is isolated from chromosomal DNA using restriction enzymes and then united with a plasmid 
        General Information - Cloning in the News - Cloning Ethics - Policy and Legislation

      4. Gene Cloning - Molecular Genetics Techniques - Genetic Engineering › Industry › Biotech / Biomedical › GlossaryEssential laboratory procedures for genetic engineering. Molecular genetics techniques commonly used in biotechnology research that enable gene cloning.

      5. What is the Christian view of human cloning? view of human cloning? If human cloning ever succeeded, would the clone have a soul?  Statement of Faith · About Us  The Christian view of the process of humancloning can be stated in light of several scriptural principles. First, human 

      6. Cloning: Right or Wrong? • ChristianAnswers.Net, the fluffy white “lamb of innocence” had become a symbol of threat to human society through an eerie new technology—cloning.’1. Why all the fuss?

      7. What Is the Christian View of Cloning? – Alliance of Confessing …/0,,PTID307086%7CCHID559376%7C…A good question, then, is how should Christians think about human cloning in  1 I sometimes answer people with such views by bringing forth one of my little 

      8. Human Cloning: Religious views…/religious-views….ShareAcoording to the one of the Wikipedia’s article religious views at human cloning are as follows: Christian Christian Roman Catholicism and many conservative 

      9. Religious Beliefs Beliefs. Some people say cloning humans go against their religion. Other people say according to their religious beliefscloning would be all right, 

        1. Religious Opposition to Cloning

 WS Bainbridge - 2003 - Cited by 18 - Related articles
          In trying to defeat cloningreligion may be fighting for its life against a whole host …..“As a Christian, I do not believe that God intends for humans to create other 

        2. What is the Christian view of cloning? «

 15, 2007 – Question: “What is the Christian view of cloning?” Answer:  to like this. Posted in Christianity, lectures, religion, sermons | Leave a Comment 

        3. Human Cloning - Ethics – New York Times

…printNov 20, 2007 – Similarly, some leading opponents of embryo research for cloning, like Leon Kass, say they are defending not Judeo-Christian beliefs, but 

      10. Calls to jail doctor who cloned dead girl Cady’s blood | Mail Online…/Calls-jail-doctor-cloned-dead-girl-Cad…ShareApr 22, 2009 – The fertility doctor who claims to have created cloned human embryos and injected them into women desperate to have children is facing a 

    6. Images for images of cloned pets

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    7. Images for images of cloned animals

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    8. Images for images of clones

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    9. Clone Trooper vs. Spider-Man Clone (93/365) (Photo credit: JD Hancock)

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