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Corporate Religions

Corporations have intruded into America’s religious life. For corporations, the church is just another institution to use to promote their agenda.

Society is supported by a number of institutions.  Controlling those institutions facilitates controlling a society.  For corporations, the first institution to control is the work place.  Long ago, businessmen realized that if they focused on competing with other businessmen, their profits would suffer.  To avoid this, they organized to create monopolies, and for a while they did very well until labor organized and passed laws forbidding monopolies.  Labor understood that once a monopoly was created, they were at the mercy of their corporate boss, since they couldn’t threaten to leave and work for competitors who no longer existed.  

Although monopolies are still banned, learning isn’t.  Thus, wealth and power are now more concentrated than ever.  The corporations have access to unlimited capital, since bankers realize a winning strategy when they see one.  Banks are backed by the government and can borrow money in mass quantities at low rates.  The more money bankers borrow from the government to lend to corporations, the greater their profits.  So it should come as no surprise that corporations have used this credit to apply economies of scale, buying merchandise in mass quantities at discount prices; think of Wal-Mart.

The government’s policy of easy credit, so favorable to banks and corporations, is why over the last generation small businesses and farms have been wiped out across America.  With competition eliminated, what is the position of the American worker with respect to corporations?  For the corporation, this is natural selection.

The political process also plays out as a game of big bank takes little bank.  The naive might think they can still change things by voting, but who are you choosing from?  Corporations decide who is running for office, and they also own the media, so what do you think the debate will be about?  Let a politician attack their corporate masters and you will see an unending media attack that will quickly destroy them.  Once overlooked foibles will become monumental “character” issues.  Sure, now that the private sector has been wiped out and the public sector is under attack, labor issues are getting some lip service.  However, that is all on the periphery of the real issues.  Who controls America?  Not the working class majority!

While all of this is bad, what’s really disturbing is how corporations have intruded into America’s religious life.  For corporations, the church is just another institution to use to promote their agenda.  Since most of the congregation either works for the corporation, or the corporate state, votes for corporate politicians, and listens to the corporate media, they actually believe God supports the corporate agenda.  As a Christian, I can only explain the fallacy of this thought in one way.  There is only one Savior, and His name is Jesus Christ.

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