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Dealing with The Negative People in Your Life

You need people skills for dealing with every negative thing in your life.


Dealing With The Negative People In Your Life.

                                    By Abundant Robert AWOLUGUTU

Bondage is- subjection to external influences and internal negative thoughts and attitudes.-W. Clement Stone.

Dear Precious reader, in this write-up, we critically examine the effects the negative behavior of people can have on our lives and how we can develop the skills for dealing with it. It is a fact of life that we cannot completely insulate our lives from negative people.

Your ability to recognize people with negativity is the first step towards dealing with them. Sometimes the negative people you have to deal with are people who are very close to you, such as a work colleague, a friend, a spouse or a relative with who you share common accommodation.

Who is a negative person? A negative person is any person who has a negative attitude towards himself and others.

They do not see any good in any situation. They, like losers, always see problems rather than challenges.

They are pessimists who see impossibilities rather than possibilities in every situation. They always feel life is unfair to them.

Their negativity may be about a deep seated problem in their life.  It may even be about something they experienced in their childhood which they have carried into their adult life.


Effect Of Negative Behaviour

Negative behavior not only adversely affects the negative person but others around him. You are your own worst enemy if you are a negative person.

A negative attitude disempowers the negative person.  His thinking does not serve him in a positive way.

He does not believe he has the potential to turn things around. They always blame other people for their troubles.

It is this kind of negativity that stifles their growth and keeps them stuck in life.

The negativity of some people may be the actual reflection of their emotional problems like anger, envy and anxiety among others.

The negative person may experience health problems. Peter McWilliams once quipped; “From a medical point of view, negative thinking suppresses the immune system, raises the blood pressure, and creates a general level of stress and fatigue in the body. In short, infections, cardiovascular irregularities, the degeneration of muscles, and the random growth of unwanted cells get more opportunity.”

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