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Death, Sex & Money

These things turn the world on it’s axis. In a new age called the 5th dimension our world will be singing a different tune.

I’m thinking about how in this day and age society, it seems for the most part, is still obsessed with money, sex and death.
I suppose it can be seen that it depends on who you hang out with that induces ones perspective on life?
However I must of retired in the right place, as I distinctly remember asking the powers that be to place me in the right place for my retirement years; you know, the years that precede your death, your leave-taking of this planet earth.

Of course I think there’s life after death. That’s a moot point with me, not even worth debate at this point. Unless someone asks me do I believe…then if that happens I will pour my stories on that one about our continued existence until they get up and walk out, satiated with the possibility of their own continuity of immortal, well, let’s say immortal challenge, or immortal ability to make mistakes.

Even though we do continue to generate lives here, you know, not all of them have been as wonderful as you wish. Please don’t give us new agers a bad name by saying you were Cleopatra, even if you’re certain you were.

I’ll bet most of what was said of Cleopatra as with most all historic people, was hugely exaggerated as such is the penchant in the human imagination to embellish the facts, or gild the darn lily. Not that it’s a darn lily, I just get annoyed when rumors fly so that the human ego here can think itself to be of the utmost importance, above and beyond another, an other, or a group, nation, culture, etc. The time of polarized conflict is quite at hand and reincarnation is also moot. We are moving headlong into the 5th dimension of consciousness. We are going whether we wish to or not. We are sliding, or walking nonchalantly whistling in the dark, or running towards it without looking at where our feet are landing, or we are letting it happen by flowing into it. It doesn’t matter if you let it happen or resist it; things are changing and it doesn’t need your yay or nay in order to change.

It doesn’t matter what placement we have in life, or how important you or I are, as in the sight of the powers that be, you still have to go to the toilet daily, no matter who you are. Kinda puts the ego in it’s place, don’t you think? Keep in mind we are here on a journey only. It is not our true home from which we began our journey. Now I’ll leave you with that thought which may or may not induce thoughts of having been an amoeba at one point.
I’m talking of things that are light and fluffy, not hard, dense, compacted materiality, such as flesh and bone housing.
I’m talking of things that fly other than airplanes and space ships.

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