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Do You Know Who You are?

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I used to always think I knew me better than anyone else.
But every day, I’m always doing or saying something I’d never done before. Causing me to learn more about myself. I always catch myself scratching my head and going, hmm.. that’s new. A lot of  people do this, too, and I honestly think that nobody really knows who they really are. You might know yourself better than anyone else, but you’re always doing something different every day. You might make sacrifices, break some rules or just try something new in general out of curiosity. The outcome is important of course, but in most cases when these things happen, you catch yourself at the end of the day going, “I never thought I’d ever do anything like that.” Or “I can’t believe I did that.” 
Pardon me if this doesn’t make any sense, but bare with me haha.
But I’m a perfect example. I’ve done things I never thought I’d ever do. Things that would make me feel uncomfortable just thinking of, but now I have at least tried them and learned from them. In a good or bad way. Doesn’t matter, but basically, it’s really incredible how being open minded can truly bring out who you are. I’m comfortable talking about anything. You can tell me anything you want. No matter how weird it is for you, how gross, or anything. But when it comes to doing things, I’d always been a little iffy. Especially in my current relationship, but you can just let your mind wander on that one, but my relationship has definitely made me see more of who I am. And especially what I do or don’t like. I’ve become more comfortable in other ways now and with just who I am as a person. 
Basically, if you just are more open minded to at least try things. Except drinking or drugs of course, that’s just bad altogether and stupid, but you’d be amazed at the outcomes. You can either learn from them, or you might actually like it and then you just discover your true self a lot, lot more.
Like there are some people that are afraid of bungee jumping. It’s scary, right? You could die, but people do try it out and they say that it’s the most incredible rush and feeling they’d ever felt. It was just different and extreme. It’s something that people never think of doing and that’s what makes it more interesting and fascinating. That’s why a lot of people do things like that because nobody else will or people shy away from it. That’s how my mind is working now. What people dislike, or are afraid of, I’ll see what the big deal is.
Everything that I used to think was odd or I’d never do, I ended up doing and there’s more to come, but I have learned that it’s not that bad at all. I can’t believe I was so uncomfortable with the thought and it’s caused me to learn more about  me as well. So now I’m just destined to learn more about life things and about  myself as well.
This is more or less about people that are close minded. Aren’t willing to break out of their shells and try new things or even make sacrifices. People are always doing things unwillingly or sacrificing and doing the unthinkable. But you only have one life and you are your own person. You are all you have. But in order to find yourself and know yourself, be more open minded to try new possibilities. You’d be amazed. You can say you at least tried.

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