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Earth History. Thoth

Thoth is a historical figure that has risen to 52,000 years ago. For 16,000 years he was king of Atlantis. His name was Chiquetet Arlich Vomalites. He stayed on Earth in the same body until four May 1991.

 He could have left earlier, many other immortals did it, but it was a small group who decided to stay. Knowing without a doubt that all things are interconnected and that there is a spirit that moves through everything, Thoth preferred to remain here as a teacher.

He left Earth for 2,000 years and traveled to various planets. Reached on a planet and lived there for about 100 years, observing and learning how the inhabitants. Finally they returned to Earth. He made a vow to remain here on earth until we earthlings, we reach a certain level of consciousness. We have reached this level, so Thoth left the planet on May 4, 1991.

Obviously, what happened before, during and after the Gulf War represented a climax with a meaning. Light on this planet is now more powerful than darkness for the first time in 16,000 years. Even though we do not see it yet, the balance of power has changed and laws are placed on the new standards. Now when negativity resists light that is its very nature, instead of suppressing light, it gives more power and we become stronger. So brace yourselves!

The most famous act who has committed a Thoth was the introduction of writing on the planet. He was called the “scribe” in Egypt, especially since he was the one who wrote all ancient history. For this reason Drunvalo was sent to him. Most of Drunvalo’s information about us and our history comes from Thoth. The information comes from Thoth have an accuracy of 100%.

Drunvalo Thoth first met in 1972. He studied alchemy – that is to turn mercury or lead into gold – not in order to make money but to observe chemical reactions. All chemical reactions parallel in human life. By understanding the chemistry of how atoms combine to form molecules, and these molecules recombine as you can see in detail how operations occur at a broader level. True alchemy lies in primary understanding of how our level of consciousness into Christ-consciousness.

Drunvalo studied this system with a master. One day they made an open-eye meditation. After an hour, the teacher Drunvalo disappeared from the room. In about 2-3 minutes a completely different body took shape in front of Drunvalo. This person was short (about 1.55 meters) and looks like a man aged 70 years. Its appearance reminded that an ancient Egyptian and wore simple clothing. Drunvalo especially remembers his eyes, which were just like a child, very soft and not at all foresee critically.

He told Drunvalo that missing three atoms in the universe and he wanted (Drunvalo) to find them. Drunvalo had an experience that he will not describe and that he understood what was meant. Thoth was bowed, thanked and disappeared. A few minutes later alchemist teacher reappeared. He did not know what happened, in fact, he thought it was there all the time.
Drunvalo did not know that the person who appeared in front of him was Thoth and did not see it until November 1, 1984. Then they began to communicate regularly over several months.

But back to our story. Toth and Araaragot with Ra, who was also former kings of Atlantis, got the blueprint for Christ consciousness and came to Egypt (which was then known as Khem) because the flame that contained egg our collective consciousness have axis point which emerged there. One day, the matrix associated with that point will be charged as Christ Consciousness. They drilled a hole straight down the axis that extends through the Earth affect our consciousness egg. Axis goes through Egypt and More, a small island near Tahiti, on the other side of the Earth. Thoth says that there is a vortex or spiral at both ends of the axis and would cast a shadow on earth they would look like a logarithmic spiral. Then they built three pyramids on the spiral.

The primary purpose of pyramids was to move our consciousness from the first floor through the middle (where we are now) to the third level of Christ consciousness. They were a planetary initiation tool built specifically to raise the 44 + 2 chromosomes of man into Christ-consciousness and stabilize it. Writing was not necessary before this because the memory was full and instant. The second level of consciousness, which is the disharmony on where we are now occurs because existing, life has created another way to pass from the first to the third level. Level two is a gap that a being wants to move quickly, as quickly as possible, because if a civilization remains too long at that level, hosting a planet undergoing a high risk of destruction.

According to Thoth, the pyramids were built with mind and heart, manifested in memory fourth dimensional level. They were built over a period of three days, from top to bottom, they are four-dimensional three days. Corresponding period in the third dimension is much higher, perhaps several years. They created a link between consciousness of our evolutionary logarithmic spiral. Deep below the pyramids they placed a small town – the temple in which about 10,000 people and which are still there.

Every life form on the planet is connected to the array axis. Even if species exist only in one place on Earth, their matrix extends around the entire planet.

The most intelligent, advanced and oldest form of life on this planet is the whales. Then there are dolphins, and people. We believe that we are the most advanced, but whales and dolphins are far ahead of us. We believe that we are the most advanced because we can create external things. This is an impact of the Lucifer rebellion came from Mars. The most advanced life forms do not create externally. They create everything they need inside.

Whales are on this planet conscious and 500 million years. They hold the memory of the planet. Star Trek IV movie was all about. Without whales we would not have memory, we would be lost.

Dolphins have been here for at least 35 million years. They even came out and walked the earth for a while, then decided to stay in the water. Dolphin fins have hands inside them, human hands. These creatures resemble humans. Are mammals, not fish, and both sides of their brains function at 100%. When they sleep, they no longer use half of their brain. We have only half of our brain operates waking the other half is dark. Of the half that only 5-10% is used. So from the perspective of dolphins, we are not only asleep but unconscious.

When we mindlessly slaughter whales and dolphins for their meat, we lose. They automatically incarnate in their bodies simultaneous Sirius. They are our colleagues and have sympathy for our plight. There are three matrices for human consciousness around the planet. The first is 42 + 2 (number of chromosomes), and the second that represents us is 44 + 2 and once on February 4, 1989 to create a new array that is Christ-consciousness grid of 46 + 2. Without that grid, no planet can enter into Christ-consciousness.

For this they made preparations Thoth, Ra and Araagot. They used geomancy to create consciousness grid synthetically in Christ, we will provide the vehicle to move into the next level of consciousness higher than that now.

So this trio made a hole aligned with the axis of the egg invisible consciousness. Then they created the three pyramids, which was a project of geomancy. Subsequently established 83,000 sacred sites all over the world. These were all on the fourth dimensional level, so do not subscribe to any travel agency tours in New Age in various places. Then, over a period of 13,000 years together people from every race and spiritual guidance to build the church (temple) that was necessary to pyramid high here as well, in order to initiate an operational model for each of these places. Scientists may discover that all the sacred places on the planet are placed in logarithmic or Fibonacci spirals, mathematically connected to the location of Egypt. This area of ​​Egypt, which was discovered only recently, is now called the solar cross. Association for Research and Enlightenment in Virginia believe that this is one of the most important places in Egypt.
In addition to what they have done in Egypt, these masters have bequeathed second level of consciousness, that which we are now, which is a second step to the third level of Christ consciousness. They have accelerated this process by introducing writing, which prompted us to get out of the sphere of time dreaming or memory unit.

Complex in Egypt that I described was built 200 years before revarsaresi the poles. This was the flood, the one where Noah left the ark and survived. Even before the pole shift and the flood headed Thoth the Sphinx. Sphinx marks the oldest object on the planet, which currently is a spaceship. Thoth shows these things in more detail in an ancient document called the Emerald Tablets.

According to Thoth, the spaceship is designed to protect us. He says that every time we approach a pole shift we become very vulnerable because we are going through a period of three days and a half the Earth’s magnetic field collapses. During this time the dark side is always trying to dominate. This always happened throughout our history 5 1/2 years Milian, but each time he found a very pure and ship it up in the air and every person thinks and feels this is happening. This action prevents the takeover by the dark side.

We are again approaching a pole shift, the spaceship has already been put into place. In 1989, a woman in Peru entered into Christ-consciousness and the following: the cenusiii suffer a fatal Mladic, found only on Earth. And remarkably, things immediately followed such a course. With the end of 1992 the Greys were gone. Their only recourse was to flee from here, they can not live on Earth.

Now go back to the ship. I do not get me wrong. The thickness of this ship is only 3-4 atoms and is flat on the top and bottom. Its length is about two blocks of flats and round. Was performed to attach and to carry out a digression in your own merkaba. Usually located on the superior frequency Earth (with a subunit dimensional frequency). It is located in the basement, a mile away from the planet.

After the Martians’ failed experiment of Atlantis was about 4,000 years of life on Earth came increasingly more chaotic. With approximately 12,500 years ago, Earth was the time in the precession of the equinoxes, ready to undergo a pole shift. Thoth raised the ship returned to UNDAL island of Atlantis and took with him approximately 16,000 ascended masters. That was the last part of Atlantis sank. Thoth and the ascended masters then traveled back to the Great Pyramid, while the magnetic field of the Earth collapsed. The collapse that lasted three days and a half. He took our memory of him. Our collective memory is directly dependent upon the Earth’s magnetic field, so if it collapses, we have no idea where we were. It’s back in the wild. But if you have mastered merkaba, you can create your own magnetic field of counter-rotating fields of light and keep your memory.

Masters landed on top of the Great Pyramid, which was built in such a way that it created a perfect platform for spacecraft landing. There they formed a merkaba from which extended a counter-rotating energy field at a distance of 1.6 miles in space. Masters controlled axis and its orbit banging over the three days and a half. In fact, they changed orbit, it had a periodicity of 360 days, and now has a peeeriodicitate 365 1/4 days.

Masters stayed in this ship between the magnetic field collapsed, and at the end of it they found a whole new world. Atlantis was. Portions of what is now the United States rose above the water, and the planet was on a different dimensional level, far below. That’s why archaeologists can not find any evidence. They are looking at the wrong vibration.

Masters entered the Great Pyramid in a circular tunnel leading to the underground city. Ra took with him a third of the masters, Tat, Thoth’s son was among them. People in this underground city formed Tat brotherhood, and there was a large community of immortal beings living in today.

The ship then flew to Lake Titicaca and the Island of the Sun. There Thoth another third of the masters who established Inca Imperia. The ship then headed for the Himalayas where he landed Araagat. The rest returned to the Sphinx ascended masters, raised the ship to a higher level of vibration, so that it can pass through the Earth and then were placed underground, Lao distance of a mile from the earth’s surface in a circular room where ship remained until 1989.
These three places – underground city, Island of the Sun and the Himalaya were chosen for specific reasons that had to do with the science of geomancy, as it was clarified by the masters to create a synthetic matrix for Christ consciousness, Mayan, Incan appearance became feminine counterpart of the matrix and the appearance Himalayan became neutral matrix (network).
Source: excerpt from Bob’s book Frissel “Nothing in This Book Is True, But It’s Exactly How Things Are” (Nothing in this book is true, but this is so). Mr. Frissell took the following information from the seminar “Flower of Life”, which was supported by Drunvalo Melchizedek.

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