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Ethics and Morals in Today’s Society

These are my views on ethics and morals in the society we live in today.

Ethics and Morality



I try to be an ethical person every day.  I try not to lie, steal, hurt someone, or deceive someone into thinking I am what I am not.  I certainly do not force anyone to commit illicit acts with me. It would also not be ethical for me to intentionally hurt someone’s feelings.  I was taught to have ethical and moral standards from birth.  I am sure we all have. I would hope so anyway.  I was taught not to copulate with someone I am not married to. To this day I am practicing this even though today’s society makes it hard. This is morality. The affect society has on today’s youth to copulate before marriage is everywhere.  Television, magazines and many sites, of which I am a member of, have someone trying to get sexuality noticed. Teen stars getting pregnant and not being married, is not a good thing for the young to see. Some call me a prude.  I tell them I have morals, even though I am no saint. 


 Ethics seems to be a hard word to define.  People mistake ethics for various mind-sets. It has been said that to be ethical, one must have a sound base of principles (Santa Clara University). One should know what should be done and what should not be done in the instances of privileges, and other important merits. One with ethics would not force someone to have sex against their will, take things that don’t belong to them, kill, beat someone, tell lies, or deceive (Santa Clara University). These things are not ethical.



Morals are synonymous with ethics, but morality is more to do with the individual circumstances which can be influences in a person’s decision of right or wrong (The Nature and Role of Applied Ethics in the Public Sector). Ethics concentrates more on the reason and clarification in the wake of an honorable viewpoint.  The bailouts for Wall Street and car manufacturers could be considered unethical but not quite immoral. They shouldn’t have splurged so much in my opinion.



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