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Extrasensory Perception – The Quintessential Part of Human Consciousness

Scenario one – You are thinking of a friend from whom you has not heard in months, the next morning you got a call from that friend.

Scenario 1 – You are thinking of a friend from whom you has not heard in months, the next morning you got a call from that friend.

Scenario 2 – The phone is ringing downstairs and suddenly you feel that you know who is calling. Once you pick up the phone, it is the same voice you are expecting.

Scenario 3 – You are standing in the payment queue in the nearby departmental store, a person is asking about a place and you are trying to find out the location. Suddenly you feel that you have seen this whole situation before and you know exactly what the person will be saying in reply to your answer. Finally you can see that your intuition was right.

These are probably the most common experiences we all have at least once in our life and so we never pay any heed to them. But when something dramatic or unnatural intuition we experience and that comes true, then we start thinking it as a rarest ability present in very few of us. So, it can be said that his intuition whose scientific name is extrasensory perception or ESP, is an exceptionally common ability of human beings present in everyone. Like creative visualization, synesthesia, eidetic memory etc. ESP is a special power of human mind which can foresee objects or occurrences without any prior knowledge. Now, you may ask why it is called as a quintessential part of human consciousness. To answer this question we first need to know what this human consciousness is all about.

What is consciousness?

Consciousness is the word which is referred to understand the different aspects of the relationship human mind shares with the world around. It is that way of communication via which human mind interacts with each and every object of the world. It can also be defined as the ability to feel something, the level of awareness or wakefulness, the control over mind and a sense of selfhood. Perceiving, introspecting and remembering are some of the common parts of human consciousness.

Five sensory organs help this consciousness to perform its outer activities smoothly. Now, there lies another sense which though most often sleeps inactive, but sometimes awakens and start functioning. This dormant energy is collectively called as Extrasensory perception as it exercises a different sensory organ out of the five common senses.

Now, let’s come to the point how extrasensory perception is related to human consciousness. Before proceeding, read about the final outcome of some experiments of ESP conducted by parapsychologists or psychoanalysts. It has been seen that most people experience ESP while asleep or in a trance. That means the person must be physically sleeping, but his/her consciousness is totally active.

But unlike creative visualization where the person consciously visualizes a future event or happening according to his/her own wishes, a human being experiences ESP without having the minimal control over it. This particular aspect makes ESP popular over creative visualization and other exceptional human abilities.


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