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Guide to Reading Body Language – Lying

This article will contain a good amount of tips that can be used to determine how the person you’re talking to really feels.


  • Avoiding eye contact

  • Stiffening; not moving as much

  • Tendency to use  words instead of contractions (The truth most likely would be won’t contrary to will not.)

  • Tends to repeat things to assure your approval.

  • Would be more defensive rather than offensive.

  • Expressions normally include only the mouth.

  • Exaggerates their answer; They answer in full sentences using your words.

  • Take note of their voice. If their voice is more relaxed than normal (not relaxed as in stress less, but relaxed as in plain) they’re most likely lying.

  • They use sarcasm often.

  • They appear to relax a little more when the subject is changed.

  • When they stare you directly in the eye, although they may appear comfortable, they randomly and quickly look elsewhere, than back at you.

  • Fold their arms.

  • Appear more comfortable when they look away from you. (Some people are shy when being confronted so this may vary.)

  • Play with thier hands.

  • (maybe) Get more serious than normal.

  • Squint.

  • If they’re a naturally sarcastic person, they might exaggerate their sarcasm. (Instead of, “What do you think I was doing?! Smoking cigarrettes?!” They might say, “What did you think I was doing?! Smoking Weed?!”)

  • Their sarcasm isn’t as funny because all they’re focused on is changing the subject.

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