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Have You Tried Looking Beyond Yourself?

This should help get rid of self-esteem problems as well as stage fright “hopefully”.

Have you ever looked in the mirror so long that you start to not recognize yourself? Well that’s a good thing because some of the people who do that start to see somebody better. Somebody with dignity and self-respect so great that it’s embarrassing to know you had that person inside you from the beginning.

In all of us lies a person, trapped and hoping to one day break free. It happens to everybody someday and sometimes it takes a little longer than most but it always happens, nobody dies shy. There is a person within you just hoping for you to stare long enough in a mirror. It may be frightening at first because it’s like realizing you exist. It’s an unexplained mystery but anybody who has ever stared long enough in the mirror start to not recognize themselves, it’s said that the mirror-you begins to steal your life energy the longer you stare, a little at first but more and more over time. Maybe there’s a world inside the mirror that means to pull you in, maybe it’s where our guide-self resides and only means to show us a path to true enlightenment.

Even though it’s weird and creepy, the point is that a piece of us want to be different, a piece that we hide away from the world for fear they’ll run away screaming or laugh at us. Let that part get out, the longer you hold it in the harder it gets later in your life to be truly happy. Our brains want us to be happy so they show us images that make us happier, they also can try to cover up the truth with a lie to allow for you to cope with it.

Don’t be yourself to satisfy me or anyone else in your life, be yourself to finally reach bliss for you. Allow yourself some true relaxation and never stop just because someone doesn’t like who you are, it’s only because they aren’t satisfied with themselves, and are jealous that you have become that way.

In life you’ll reach critical moments where you’ll have to cope with who you truly are and reveal your honest face. There will be times where your facade will be challenged, moments where you’ll have to trust people with the truth, because the day you start doing that will be the day you start your recovery back to the you that really matters. I only wish for everybody to be happy with themselves so we can start on changing this world to perfect the happiness of it.

Don’t ever stop at the outer image of yourself or anyone else and judge, take a step deep inside and explore who you or they really are, then you’ll be allowed to judge from a reasonable standpoint. There is something amazing inside every soul, a spark of pure energy, that when reached creates perfection for as long as the energy can manage. Search for that spark and never give up, one day the world will be your oyster, your playground, the very clay between your fingers, the sand beneath your feet, and the wind in your hair. You will witness perfect bliss and lose all sight of materialistic things. You will be the you that you’ve always wanted to be.

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