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How I Became a Singaporean Chinese Baogong Ghost Dreamer

Description of Baogong worship as a Chinese river god and ghost dreaming in Relation to Chinse river worship from Ancinet China to the heritage of Ming dynasty Zhen Yi Daoism in Malaysian and Singpaorean OverseaChinese folkore.

How I became a Singaporean Chinese BaoGong Ghost Dreamer

How I became a Singaporean Chinese BaoGong Ghost Dreamer I am actually a Bao Gong ghost dreamer and looking for friends to share my knowledge so I start by telling the history of Chinese bai shen primitive Daoist Chinese culture that evolved from early times to late Ming period that has shaped the facets of our overseas Chinese heritage : 1. That true Chinese religious culture originates from river worship of the Chinese shamanic age or the Shen hua xiao shou divine chronicles when the Chinese civilisation was a very pragmatic earth bound spiritual society 2. The need to adjust to settlement of river life in the yellow river delta Hung he basin and Yang zi or the great ocean created a great need for a balanced ecology with mountains, river, land, earth and sky which led to the creation of Shang di or Di gong in Hokkien which is the north pole astral god which derived from the balance of water and fire and alchemy to balance the cosmos to achieve universal rule, peach and harmony 3. Astral projections and ghost dreaming or ghost encounters were mixed with river worship and dragon emperor worship for river and flood protection and preservation of human welfare and happiness. 3a. Early worship of emperor sage kings of great Yu, Yao, shun and Yellow emperor known as the great auspicious five or 5 Augustus ones, demi gods and goddess such as Wang mu or the western mother, Nui wau, Pan gu and jiu tian xuan nui or jade fairy maiden for horticulture, agriculture and Chinese internal medicine originated from the Chinese autochonotic beliefs from their migration from Mesopotamia into the China plains and Asian steppes during the Akkadian great King Sargonic age 3b. Kingship of emperor worship and shamanic priest craft and dragon worship originated in the Shang and Zhou dynasty which were integrated into other literal works such as the Confucius teachings and the book of Songs, Spring Autumn annals and warring sates literature such as the drowning of Qu Yuan in the river which was tied in with dragon king worship and the boat races 3c. the school of legalism and school of military warfare of the warring states, patriotism and loyalty and chivalry poured into the Three kingdom period that created the Gung gong veneration and the later Song dynasty Water Margin and Bao gong Taiping era stories . 4. These was later mixed into later song dynasty neo-Confucius unorthodox teaching of Taoist Realist philosophy (quan zhen dao jiao) and Zen Buddhism which led Chinese Ming dynasty unorthodox Confucius scholar Ling Meng Zhu to reproduce the Song dynasty Strange and mysterious Chinese detective murder mystery of Bao gong Qi An or strange and mysterious Justice Bao cases in which Bao gong murder mystery combined with astral projections and ghost dreaming was adopted into the Taiwanese and Hokkien culture . 5. Taiwanese and Hokkien taoist culture consequently elevated Bao gong into a river dragon god for human welfare, protection and happiness as well as the development of the Chinese legal system to reinforce justice and peace along side river worship of Shang di and mah zhu 6. Gaung gong and Shang di were elevated into important local gods during the early Ming dynasty of Emperor Yung le who was a follower of the Legalistic Taoist school of thought when he founded Zhen yi Taoism or a purer school of Taoism or legalistic righteous administration to reinforce his autocratic rule. Emperor Yong le was opposed to both Buddhism and Confucianism and heavily supressed and outlawed them because: a… Tibetan Buddhism and tantric practises was made popular by the Yuan dynasty Mongolian rule over China b. Confucianism which is based on benevolent rule undermined his autocracy and a great threat to him. Emperor Yong le imprisoned and exiled all his Confucian scholar ministers of his day and introduced Shang di as THE PRINCIPAL GOD TO BE WORSHIPPED absolute divinity which was very useful in according to the building of the forbidden city according to the north pole orientation of the imperial palace cosmology and elevated Guan gong and the city or town guardian into gods for national peace and prosperity. So this is how and why Taiwanese and Hokkiens as Malaysians and Singaporean Overseas Chinese have received the Chinese Ming dynasty Zhen yi Taoist heritage which developed from Beijing and spreaded into Suzhou and Hangzhou then into Fukien and Canton and subsequently became transplanted across Nanyang and into Singapore . The same is true of the Baba Peranakan culture of the early 20th century as wriiten by Felix Chia of the Babas . 7. Taiwan TV hollowood studio first produced the Bao gong chinese drama series which had a very psychomatic euphoric effect on its citizens who love Chinese dramatic films secularly and spirtually alike that it grew into a local pulp ficiton holly wood Taiwan stlye cult film . One such person was a Taiwanese business man who had a dream of a Black figure of Bao gong in certain county in Taiwan which forewarned him of an impending flood so he put away some money to rasie funds and built a local temple to Bao gong and the river goddess Mahzhu to prevent flooding . The flooding did actually occur and prayers at the temple helped to cause the flood to subside . Consequently the locals prayed piously and faithfully at his temple since then . 8. This popular Taiwanese Baogong cult film spreaded into Singapore and was reprodueced by the Singaapore SBC afternoon matinee . From my early childhood, I eacthed this sereies so dilligently glued on it with all its intrigging muder mysterioyus queer stories . I became so fascianted by Bao gong since then it and it is only till recent in my overeseas chinese retrospection mand introspection that I researched into its origins . Incorporating it into my Daoyin Chinese yoga Qigong astral projection excercises led to very real and strange and mysterious experiences that I post on this blog .

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