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Just Before 2014 Sets in

Just before 2014 sets in, we should reflect on our past to live well in the future.

Just before 2014 sets in

It was Confucius who sagely said that, “By three methods we learn wisdom: The first is reflection, which is the highest. The second is imitation which is the easiest. The third is experience which is the bitterest.” This saying is very important to whosoever wants to avoid previous mistakes and forge ahead in his or her life. Wisdom of life is very important if we are to live well, make meaning out of our lives and affect our generations for good.

Just before 2014 sets in, it is important we pause and reflect on our lives this year 2013. It is by reflecting on it that we can gather wisdom to live well in 2014. It will amount to absurdity if we do not look back to know where we fared well and where we were wrong. If we do not do that we will carry the same problem and mistakes into 2014. One of the definitions of reflect from where we have reflection by Merriam Webster says, “To prevent passage of and cause to change direction.” Another definition is to think calmly and quietly. The Latin word from where we got reflect literally means bend.

We need to bend in order to see our back. We can also bend to change the course of our journeys. This means that reflection on the past years especially this year 2013 coming to an end will help us a lot in fashioning a better course for our lives fulfillment in 2014 and the years ahead. It will help us to avoid common mistakes we do make. Reflecting on the past will also help us to see our greatest assets and also help us to know our liabilities (weaknesses). By Greatest assets, I mean those characters and virtues you have inside of you.

In reflecting on our past, we should focus on what are those areas I did well in my personal life, in my relationship with others, our commitment to our work, to our religion, to our families, our spouse, etc. Again, we should also reflect on the areas we did not do well as mentioned above, determine where we had pitfalls on our ways with the resolution to do better.

If we are willing to do this, it will help us to live well in 2014. Just before 2014 sets in, reflect on your past. It will certainly make your 2014 a better year. Don’t keep regretting at the end of the year for your inability to do certain things or to come out of the mistakes of the past. As you do that, I assure you that you will find 2014 more fulfilling and rewarding. See you in 2014. 

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