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Live FOR Others

“You will always have everything in life that you want if you’ll help enough people get what they want” – Zig Ziegler. In this life, we need one another to survive. The happier you will be in this life depends on how much you can for people around you.


In the words of Zig Ziegler, “You will always have everything in life that you want if you’ll help enough people get what they want.” Many people especially the rich usually feel that they do not need the poor. No man is an island. We all need one another to live happily and fully. As a rich man, you need a driver, cook/steward or chef, Gardner, etc. This group may be classified as poor. You cannot be that rich man and at the same time the Gardner. When you have this in mind, it will help you to treat and relate well with them.

Living for others is God’s basic requirement from us. This is the teaching of all religion. This can be in form of kindness, charity, goodness, etc. It teaches us that we are same no matter our status in life. That we are higher in status is a privilege that we should not abuse. Living for others gives us a sense of responsibility. It fashions us to remove pride and self in us. It makes us to be empathic about others and share in their sufferings.

Another gain in living for others is that it promotes peace and unity. Where people live for one another, there is hardly rancor or bitterness. There is room for envy. When we harbor bitterness, anger or hatred, we do ourselves evil and not good. When you are in bitterness and anger, you cannot live happily and you cannot be your best. No one is happy or free when he lives only for himself.  

When we know that we need one another to live happily, it will make us to live more for others than ourselves. Maxwell Maltz is of opinion that “If we are to get more living out of life, we should not limit the channels through which life may come to us. We must accept it, whether it comes in form of science, religion, psychology, or what not. Another channel is other people. Let us not refuse the help, happiness and joy that others may bring us, or that we can give to them. Let us not be too proud to accept help from others, nor too callous to give it.” This is what living for other means.

The hindrance to this is what concerns Western Christian Advocate. They observed that “The most difficult thing the good Lord has to deal with in the man of today is his sense of self-sufficiency. He is too prone to think he can get along pretty well without God” and I will add without man. Let us live for one another for therein we shall find peace and get full meaning of the life we are living because “The man who lives for himself is a failure” according to Norman Vincent Peale.

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