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Logical Thinking and Reasoning

It has been proven that proper training of logical thinking could make us smarter, for it empowers us to delve deeper into our thinking processes so that we can have a better solution.

In the process of understanding something, we make our judgment, reasoning, and other forms of dynamic thinking to reflect the objective reality of some rational knowledge. This is the logical thinking. Logics and reasoning are also known as theoretical concepts of understanding something logically. It is recognized as a structure of thinking and the analysis of the emergence and development of something. Only through logical thinking, we can achieve the specific targets, and grasp the nature of the provisions to acquire further understanding of the objective world.

It is the advanced stage of understanding something, and it is the rational understanding stage. Different thoughts may pop up on the same image or any information acquired from the world. It is characterized by abstract, emotional, material, and analytical thinking. When revealing the nature of the characteristics of something, we have to use our judgment and reasoning, indirectly reflecting reality.

Social practice is a logical thinking, and the basis for development of the social practice comes from the need to grasp the essence of things around us. This is the task of determining logical thinking and direction, and the development of logical thinking is also gradually deepening.

Our brain is powerful in logical thinking, much more powerful than that of the animals. That is why we can conquer any giant animal on this planet. This enables us to scientifically reveal the essence of something in an abstract and logical way with our consciousness. Logic is the basic form of the concept, judgment and reasoning. Logical ways of thinking are mainly induction, deduction, analysis and synthesis, from abstract to the concrete.

Logic is also known as abstract thinking, a higher form of thinking. Its characteristics are abstract concepts, judgment and reasoning as basic forms of thinking, such as analysis, synthesis, generalization, and so on. Thereby, it helps to expose the essence of the characteristics and laws of the things that we observe. Abstract thinking is different from the thinking with the images and emotions. It has got rid of the dependence of the emotional aspects.

All logical thinking is sequential thought, says Dr. Albrecht. I think that logic and reasoning are to let us to think in a certain orders or steps to have a objective view of something around us.

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