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Losing The Shyness

Shyness caging the talent of people and the solutions to overcome them.

Blushing is another thing, but hiding behind the curtains, biting nails, working way below your original capacity of skill range is another thing. We might be  stepping into new horizons of modernity, where every girl dreams of a bikini perfect body and a list of eager boyfriends to date, to raging hormones of teenagers too aggressive to control but the fact is that it is still all related to shyness.

Shy because of an imperfect body ,imperfect skin, unsuccessful relationships, low grades at school, low income and what not. The list of imperfections in our lives is too long and so is our will to overcome them. To compensate this we adapt to a mechanism of rage or introversion, either way we shy away from our knowledge, aptitude and to do something well. Even though, most of us are competent one way or the other but the primitive, age old shyness overcomes the talents pushing us into the darkness we feel comfortable with.

The fear of being degraded and humiliated stops the cognitive process, harming the thought process, halting creativity and budding desires of achieving higher goals in life. Our deep rooted insecurities and lack of self-confidence is a quagmire we can’t get out of. Our bitter experiences account for the major part of it, something  harsh happened in the past comes in our way every now and then, so we tend to shy out and retire to our shells, staying cocooned and being smaller than our true existence.

The only solution is not a 100% but still a something 40-50% achievable:

  • Not everyone out there is judging you, if you are bullied or abused, it is a flaw in their character and not yours.
  • Stop blaming yourself for a bad situation, you are not always the cause.
  • Speak up more often than you do, stating out your thoughts might help others to bring out more of you than they normally see.
  • Just remember they might be just as scared as you are to open up to them.
  • Your body is not your ambition in life, keeping healthy both mentally and physically is.
  • Failures are only ways to explore more, actually a learning process, success comes when you want it to, the key is to keep trying.
  • Realise your true value, your worth is understated not by anyone else but you, the brightest of you is hidden within you.
  • Being an introvert is being selfish, there might be something innovative about the way you think or you might be holding back a precious idea that can change the shape of the society we live in. Go ahead share it with others.
  • Your brain is a treasure box with a lock and you have the key to it, let go off the past, future is welcoming you.
  • Last but not the least, just remember there is no such thing as “superior” people. We are who we are defined by the ways we overcome our inhibitions.
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