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Moral Values of Human Life

Interesting details about ethics.

Ethics is the science of the moral values of human life. In common usage, moral science, moral philosophy, and ethics are synonymous, according to some writers, however moral philosophy is more definitely concerned with the ultimate implications of morality in a scientific and in a spiritual view of the world.

The scope of conduct that can be judged morally covers the whole range of human experience that is subject to intelligent judgment and voluntary action. Clearly excluded are the activities of children that have not yet come to years of discretion, and also the behavior of insane individuals.

Ethics is in truth concerned with just this long-range view of all human actions and experiences, affecting eventually the whole of human life.

Aristotle holding their Ethic via Wikipedia

Whenever the problem of right and wrong conduct confronts man, he faces a choice between alternative values. The Greeks faced the problem of the highest good, or supreme principle of valuation, agreeing that human interests and satisfactions are not equal, that some are better, higher than others.

The traditionalist not only accepts and respects the verdicts of custom, to him the customary scale of values is the right one just because it is sustained by general approval. Legalism seeks the standard of moral judgment in the system of established law. Thus the critical moralist is sure to deepen his insight by the study of Christian ethics.

The special concentration on the values of a certain cultural tradition may prove very enlightening to the historian of morals. In conclusion ethics is the integral science of valuation. Ethics manifests its relation to all the biological and humanistic sciences. The ethical theory as the supreme principle of morality, has emphasized duty and obligation in the good life and the authority of conscience.

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