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Questions Without Answers

It’s those crazy questions that keep us up at night.

Those crazy questions that keep you up at night such at night. We may not know why we think of these things, but some just can’t help it. When you lay in bed and you aren’t tired, it’s quite, and your mind begins to race. The one question that many people probably think about is, “what happens when you die?” The possibility of ever finding out the answer is impossible, or is it? Some television shows talk to people who “died” and came back. Now whether their claims are real or not we just don’t know. The one thing that produces doubt is that fact that it’s on television; as a result, the whole show could be scripted. Scientist are trying to discover if living things have “soul”. If there is no afterlife, or even a soul. Do we look at eternal darkness? It’s just a disturbing thought. To realize we spend most of our lives working, going to school, or whatever to basically pass away at the end of our life. Now that’s something to be depressed about since we could be spending that time to travel the world, or do our bucket list. Sadly to do those things require money; therefore, we need to work. Another question that may keep someone up at night is that space goes on forever. That may seem like a silly question, but the fact that space goes on forever. Well the human mind can’t comprehend something that goes on forever. For something such as space to be as vast as it is and we’re the only people in the universe is simply impossible. There would have to be alien life somewhere out there. Have you wondered how everything is so perfect? For example how the earth is in the habitual zone of our star. It would make you think that there has to be a creator of us, but sadly in the word’s of Steven Hawkin ” there was nothing before the big bang even time itself; therefore, there is no God.” We are who we are and we can believe whatever we want to believe in. We’ll all find out eventually. 

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