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Rumor Has It That Life is Not Fair

We all hear the old saying that life is not fair. As true as it is, we can’t let that affect our attitudes in a negative way.

The fact that life is not fair is probably not news to most of us. I think most of us get a sense of that fairly early in life. However, we can’t allow that fact to affect us in a way to where we become bitter, angry or jealous of others, because doing so often prevents us from getting to where we want to go in life and may limit our ability or likelihood of achieving success in our own lives.

In this unjust world that we live in, good things happen to bad people and bad things happen to good people and there are occasions where disasters affect large numbers of people, good and bad alike. We often try to make sense of those things but, in reality, we can’t. Why is this innocent little baby in Africa starving or why does that 3 year old have cancer when you have some evil people living to a ripe old age? There is no sense to be made of that. It just happens. Some will say that god has a purpose for everything and there are some Atheists that refuse to believe in a God that would allow such injustices or unfairness.

Some people allow themselves to become bitter or angry because of the injustice and unfairness in this world. It is often very easy to become pessimistic regarding life when you see innocent children or good people suffering in the world while bad people seem to get a pass. However, if everyone allowed that to affect them to the extent where they feel there is no sense in trying to make the world a better place, things in this world would actually be much worse.

Sometimes people become jealous of others who may have things that they don’t have. Jealousy often comes a bout when a person thinks that he is more deserving of certain things that someone they know has but they don’t. So they will sometimes treat that other person in disrespectful manner or may be outright rude or cruel to that person. Jealousy does not bring out a person’s better qualities. It often brings out the worst in someone.

Okay, so maybe you have struggled for years waiting for that big break, whatever it is. It keeps on eluding you but that guy next door gets those breaks that never seem to come your way. Maybe he is a jerk. Maybe he is a nasty person you feel doesn’t deserve those breaks. Maybe his abilities are lesser than yours. Yet, you can’t seem to get the breaks he has gotten. Doesn’t seem fair does it? Like we said, though, life just isn’t fair. The sad truth is that it never will be.

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