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Staying Happy, Your Own Special Way

Not everyone is blessed with a happy and inspired life…
How can one person attain such?

In my 20 years of life, I have observed that we people are struggling for the pursuit of happiness. I even remember crying over the movie by Will Smith with the title–Pursuit of Happyness. It’s really true, we have our share of struggles to attain our happy-ever-after endings. And in the struggle, we have our own and unique ways, but to getting there is usually never that easy…

Work, work, work

This has been the most common focus of people to meet every day’s necessities. It has even become a defense mechanism for coping with the fast pace of life. But sometimes, to some extent, it can draw a person farther and farther from the eternal goal–happiness. This happens when the person gets so occupied that he gets this mindset that nothing matters any more…until realization dawns on him. One should always create a balance in life. Unlike in mathematics, in life, the limit does exist. So, if we really want to be happy, we should know where our limit is and what matters most. Work is an essential part of life, that’s why it’s also called a “living”. But, we should also take time to pause, and share our precious time to those who need us, . Then, happiness sets in.

Who inspires you?

Most people when asked on this matter (inspiration) would think of his/her special someone, the other half, kismet, soul mate, girlfriend, boyfriend, and the likes. If inspiration is only about romantic relationships, then how about the single person?

It really doesn’t have to be like that. If we only broaden our horizon, life is wider than we think. There is a greater power than that of human love. Because we know not love in the first place without the Creator who is love. And besides, if our only source of love would be that of human love, we all will fall short. But if our source of inspiration and love is from God, then we will know how to be truly happy.

It’s the little things in life that matters..

Nowadays, since people are becoming busier and busier, struggling in this competitive world–landing in a good paying and having this and that, towards accomplishments in terms of wealth–this has always been the pattern of the so-called “successful” life. But this conventional pattern does not guarantee a happy ending. There are even millionaires or richer out there who end up wasting their lives in drugs and other vices, or worse, commiting suicide. Money, therefore, is not the key to happiness.

 Nonetheless, peace within yourself and the people around you takes a huge part in your happiness. To love and be loved, that is. But if you find it a hard thing to do, take some time alone. Go somewhere where you can be comforted by a moment’s solitude with nature around you and a breath of fresh air. Stop and smell the roses. Enjoy the scenery of God’s creation and maybe then you will find peace and be reconnected to the inner voice within you–the voice of God. Listen…and be happy!

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