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Suicide: When Life Becomes Unbearable

Suicide is the leading cause of death amongst teenagers and adults under the age of 35. Each year, over one million people worldwide commit suicide and there are 10 to 20 million non-fatal suicide attempts. (Source: Wikipedia)

When life seems unbearable, try resetting it back to Zero.

“Suicide”by Scott Hallock

 “Once you step off, there’s no turning back, can’t change your mind, it’s a permanent act.   Pull the trigger, it all goes black, Suicide …is defiantly, whack.

You think it’s all over and there’s nowhere to turn, listen up child, it’s time to learn.  So what, you made mistakes, no one’s perfect for goodness sakes.  You took a chance and lost it all, tried your hand and took a fall.  Your heart is broken, you lost your love, but there’s someone better …that’s a promise from above. 

One minute from now things will change, life is life …there’s no exchange …you are you, so don’t try to rearrange.

Reset your life, why not give it a try, now is now …I wouldn’t lie.  Reset your life, start over again, zero is zero, but not the end.  When you start from zero, you cannot look back …only forward; you’re on the right track. 

You never know who’s watching …following …emulating you, just because they think you’re cool.  So reset your life back to zero because some day you may be …someone else’s hero”.


I have investigated countless suicides and in the aftermath there is always anger, sadness and confusion for everyone involved.  Many times I have been able to either talk someone out of killing themselves or risked my own life to save them and on some rare occasions, I have witnessed people kill themselves right in front of me.  Furthermore, personal tragedy has given me the empathetic perceptive insight of how someone could actually commit such an act.

I count myself experienced in the field of suicide but I do not believe anyone could become an expert. 

Unique individuals

There is not a person on earth that does not experience in one way or another, a day here and there, where it seems that everything that can go wrong will go wrong.  Most people call that, “Having a bad day.”  However, there are some people that are unique, in an extraordinary kind of way; they are rare, uncommon but exceptional individuals who live life below rock bottom.  They feel worthless because they have lost all feeling and emotion as if they have already died inside.  They feel like nobodies, and everyday they walk among the rest of us, us who whine and complain about things that are insignificant, not important and simply do not matter.  These individuals are extraordinary because they are truly stronger than most because of the things they go through, unfortunately they may not even know it. 

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