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The Art of Living

You can only live when you know you have to die-

The Art of Living

What is life and how do we live it? Does anyone actually know the answer to this vital question? And those who come up with their own theories are way off the real deal. Life is not a time span allotted to you to earn a lot of money, plan your future life, worry about your debts, buy a new car, and find yourself a fancy wife/husband or even party all night. ‘Life’ is a very beautiful word. In my opinion, although young I am to form one on my own, life is much more than all of that and how to live it has a very simple answer.

When was the last day you worried what will God think about the sin I’m about to commit? What food should I eat today? And what should I do make my loved ones happy?  Wondering? Yes many of you would be wondering when was the last time you thought over this was. Perhaps the last thought on your mind would have been what to wear today or go for shopping? Buy a new car or polish the old one? To waste something as beautiful and short as life is a sin like no other. On your death bed nothing of that sort would matter but how much love you received and spread, what did you make out of the natures blessings given to you and how much you remembered God in your life.

 Life is pleasure. Life is pain. Life is faith. Life is love. Never underestimate life. What it can give you or do with you, you never know. Never live FOR the moment but in the moment with your past, for your future. Inspire yourself. Use faith in God as your motivation to live and love. These days when everyone thinks of finding your, as called, ‘soul mate’ as a joke, it’s not. Why because people rush into relationships without any patience and end up wounding up over the wrong person. NO. Love is always there for you. All you need is patience.

Eat a lot of food. Enjoy every minute of it and not eat just because you have to. Dance like there’s no one watching and sing to the top of your voice. Never let problems, any there maybe, become an obstacle in way of your happiness. Perceive every situation in a positive way and kick the hell out of problems so hard that they may never find a way to you again!

I pray for the welfare of all my fellow human beings out there. Stay safe. Stay cool J

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