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The Power of Gratitude

A little look at the significance of a simple thank you and the how it can change your life.

Have you ever thought about the incredible effect of what a simple thank you can do – not only to you but the receiver also?

Think about it for a moment. We walk through life all connected in one way or another; by what exactly it is hard to say. Is it the simple fact that we are human? the fact we are all looking for something? Doing our best to achieve a common goal, maybe happiness? Or maybe it is that we are all manifestations of something greater?

Regardless to the answer, one thing is clear. We walk through life, events and situations – cause and effects that involve other people we know absolutely nothing about; their circumstances, their hardships, their thoughts about themselves or the world. 

Directly or indirectly they contribute to our lives and reality, for what we perceive as either the better or the worse. No matter what it is the power of a thank you can change lives.

In terms of the law of attraction: where like attracts like, our thoughts create our reality by way of our own vibrations, gratitude is the most positive and beneficial vibration to be in tune with, it is the universal vibration, the one connected to the divine entity/ God. It is in the vibration you can have abundance, prosperity, security and connection.

We can be so stressed and busy in our own lives that we forget how others feel or what they might be going through. To the point where we feel unappreciated, not knowing that the people in our lives may also feel the same.

So what is the power of gratitude?

Being genuinely thankful for what you have, shifts your thinking to a more positive and beneficial pattern. Saying thank you to those in your life, whether for both the small and big things,encourages a feeling of appreciation, even smiles, which in turn can brighten an entire day.

Gratitude can lead to inspiration and a sense of accomplishment and connection. The effects it can have on every one and everything varies from small to big. A simple thank you, can lead to a life changing epiphany, a rewarding feeling of satisfaction or even just give some one a reason to keep going and smile.

We do not know how far the ripples of our words and actions go, but if it is genuine gratitude the results can only be positive.

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