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What is Spirituality?

My way of describing spirituality and its purpose.

If you already know about spirituality and/or spiritualism then feel free to share your understanding of it and your experiences! If you do not then I very much hope you take the time to read this article with an open mind. Spirituality is not a religion or a group but more of a universal understanding of how amazing life actually is and once you open yourself up to it you will find yourself in places you’ve never imagined, both consciously and physically.

Have you ever wondered why your here? Have you evar found urself not satisfied with your life? Well your understanding of “reality” isnt exactly a complete picture. Your everday life is like a tiny insignificant puzzle peice in the “bigger picture” of our universe. The universe expands forever in all directions which makes us infinitely small in comparison. Even with the unimaginable complexity of our bodys and even our ecosystem, the way the universe manifests itself as a hole is far more mind blowing. So why are we all here? The answer is simple. To experience life in as many ways possible and gain a greater understanding of it. This all the purpose of all life and thus is the reason we have consciousness. 

There are many levels of consciousness and in fact all matter and/or energy in the universe is conscious to a degree. The earth for example is conscious in a way which everything that happens around it or on it effects its state of being or vibration. The first stages of life on earth in micro plankton were conscious to the point where they learned to use their enviroment to survive and reproduce them selves thus creating the first stages of evolution. Then eventually animals came in being after millions of years and were extremely conscious evolving to a point of communication with eachother and having different degrees of emotions. They key to evolultion is simple as well, being conscious enough to know what you need to do or change to work with your enviroment fuels evolution in all forms of life.

So then theres us. We as human beings have evolved to a point where we consider our selfs more conscious than animals. This is very true. Human being have evolved to a point that I like to call double consciousness. I call it double consciousness because of the fact that we are constantly aware of our own thoughts and can “listen to them”. This is what makes us different from animals, we do not simply think or feel something and immediatly act upon it. That is what we call instinct, it doesnt require “thinking” it out. We as humans constantly weigh options and solved problems by using words and images in our head. The reason we can do that is because of our incredible imagination and brain power. These gifts are the reason human being having been rapidly evolving over time, we have learned to take what we find in nature and put it to the use of mankind. Most people only use a percentage of their brain and woudn’t understand the true capabilitys it posesses.

What does all this have to do with spiritualism? Spirituality is when people realize how incredible their level of consciousness and experience is and understand that they are in control of what happens to them and around them. It is when you get up look around and smile just because its a miracle that you can. This will always lead you in a positive direction because you will take it upon your self to make your life and others lives better simply because you can. It will make you appreciate nature and our complexly fragile ecosystem that created you and all life on earth. Most importantly it will make you realize that there is so much more out their to learn and so many higher levels of consciousness you could be experiencing, thus pushing you towards enlightenment and self fullfiment. That is when you truly experience the beauty of life and cant help but feel in tune with the universe. We all control our own lives and it is up to us to become more evolved as conscious being and continue to experience life to the fullest extent. Thank you for taking the time to read this article I hope you are on the path towards higher consciousness!

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