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What It Means to be Human

What it means to be a member of humanity.

What does it mean to be human? That is society’s question that still remains in today’s world. To be human is to have emotion and language. To care for your family, friends and peers is to be human. To speak their language is also to be human. Humanity is what separates us from animals. We are at the top of the food chain. We are the fittest and we survive. Why? We have intelligence, logic and reasoning. Intelligence in humans is to make complex inventions crucial to our survival. Humans have logic to avoid those careless mistakes that could cost us our lives.

We also have reasoning to get ourselves out of danger against an opponent, whether it is physical, mental or emotional. We are the only species on Earth that knows of one more possible cause of death, old age. Most of us also believe in an afterlife, those that have religions anyways. Every single species on Earth has needs, but we have one more reason of why we are human. We also have wants. We could want something and not need that particular thing at all. We also have factors that shape us, that make us human.

What shapes a human’s life? Society, environment and nature all shape every human in this world. Society’s morals, customs, and cultures can influence how a person behaves in front of others. We humans also tend to imitate our parents and peers in what they do, thus environment influences our humanity. Maybe we just are born the way we are. It’s in our genes to be human, it’s our nature. Our species are the only ones that can be spiritual. Our spirituality also influences how we are human. While society and environment influences how we are human, we have a level of responsibility alongside with society also.

What is a person’s level of responsibility for his actions? What about the level of responsibility for society? When we perceive a particular act of society, we can choose to follow it or dismiss it from our attention. Isn’t society just a bunch of people choosing to act a certain way or dismissing it from their attention? Individuals are more responsible for their actions than the responsibility of society for influencing those individuals. In fact, we are ninety percent responsible for our actions and society is only ten percent responsible for our actions. We know why we are human, but we don’t know why we were put on Earth.

What is humanity’s purpose? Why are we here? The reasons of us dwelling on this earth are mostly spiritual in nature. The reasons could be philosophical as well. Most people have a religion on this earth. Christianity states that humans are here on this earth to care for God’s creations and worship Him. The philosophical side of the question is that we were put here on Earth to obtain new information and gradually evolve to greatness.

We are perhaps the only species on Earth to try to philosophize and spiritualize about why we are here. Yet another reason why we are separated from animals themselves! All of these factors combined make us a unique species on Earth. Yet, with all this information on ourselves, we still have countless questions of our origins. We still wonder today how we came to be. We wonder how we are such a unique species. We at least know one major detail of ourselves. That is, we are Homo sapiens. We are humans!

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  1. Jose Marchena

    On April 11, 2009 at 9:51 pm

    Well written, A+.

  2. dieogo stein

    On October 8, 2009 at 12:54 pm

    i dont think so i would have to say D- maybe D

  3. Nikki

    On October 12, 2009 at 9:13 pm

    don’t you think that other primates such as monkeys & more have emotion?? that they have what it takes to care for their own family? just because we cant fully understand them doesn’t mean they dont have emotion and language themselves.

  4. Nick

    On January 19, 2010 at 11:50 am

    How about when you see sadness in a pet?
    If someone in the family passes away and they had a dog, the dog is afected and you can see it’s sadness.
    Animals can feel grief and sadness which are emotions.

  5. itseasyifyoutry

    On October 15, 2010 at 3:16 am

    This is just poorly written. Having wants isn’t an idiosyncracy exclusive to human beings. For instance: Although it might be critically detrimental to the survival of any given species, most living things don’t need to reproduce to survive as individual organisms…For the vast majority of us in the animal kingdom; WHICH INCLUDES HUMANS –we do it either because we want to or because we think or instinctively feel that we have to; not because we need to. By the way, I am not a vegetarian. I’m just someone who likes to go on the internet and communicate my deep feeling of dejection for some unfortunately common societal HERDS who in their black hole of egocentrism think of themselves and each other, and reality in general with such PRIMITIVE and uninsightful assertions that they ironically help give a fair amount of peripheral foundation to the scientific consensus that we quite certainly came from “MONKOYS’d IS DAT WHAT YOWUR TWYING TO SAWY? YA’LLER TELLWIN ME’d DAT’d d’WE COME FUM MONKOY’S!? DUH!” With the hope that my message won’t be overlooked on account of what’s hyprocritically percieved as condescending demeanor, and pretentious self-righteousness. Neither of which I deny. Because I believe-in, imagine-about, and skeptically uncover the truth in my world, in the only life that I’m certain I will live.

  6. itseasyifyoutry

    On October 15, 2010 at 3:56 am

    I will not lie to myself. See if you can repeat this daily with the most deep entrusting voice that your soul can muster. Oh wait you put all your trust in Zeus or whatever you call him nowadays. Yes you, you know who you are, the dumb people throughout history, the rest of us have been asking what’s wrong with you for a long time. Actually, we have a whole field of science dedicated to studying and trying to understand why there have always been people like you. Yes you, the ones who never grow, the ones who choose to ignore anything which requires you to experience reality for any significant amount of time. You who want the power without the knowledge. You who’d rather not believe yourself strong enough to carry the responsibility symbiotic to such power, while our backs break trying to carry it- and you the one who refuses to walk with your own legs–to carry both at once. This message is for you: please please please please please dust of that old brain and give it some exercise.

  7. itseasyifyoutry

    On October 15, 2010 at 4:25 am

    P.S. I may be harsh and insensitive, but at least I don’t go around walking to different homes trying to force my beliefs down other peoples throats while simultaneously dismissing whatever perspective that’s alternate to mine not only as false, but fundamentally corrupted by ‘evil’. You might think I just described what I’m doing to you. In which case there might be hope for you after all. However, I have some sad news for you: I am right, and you are the one who is clearly wrong. You who cried when you found out the tooth fairy isn’t real.

  8. itseasyifyoutry

    On October 16, 2010 at 12:17 am

    Mark my words the clarity of independent critical thinking will always be stronger than the even most faithful self-decievers. Why, because we can always clearly answer ‘I don’t know’ if any question asked of us tickles even the slightest sense of uncertainty. We sleep easy knowing that even IF there is a god IT would likely be beyond any human definition or complete understanding. Maybe god isn’t a being at all, maybe god is just another word for reality in all it’s complexity and simplicity, where every true answer we find will always lead us to many more questions infinitely. Why are we here you ask? God is better than why, ‘why’ is just a human concept. God does not need us. We can search for God if you really wan’t to give him a name, maybe that’s the easiest way to understand God in a way that is significant to people; a sort of stained glass window that allows us to experience the ‘light’ in a brightness subtle enough for our mortal perceptions. Maybe there are many ways to think of god, ways that go beyond anthropromorphism. Maybe god is just an objective part of your brain that you can communicate with but not embody or fully experience without accepting that you are just praying to yourself and you create your own world. God is just another word for your conscience?; For direct and abstract observation, experience, and other things which no combination of words could ever fully describe. Maybe god wants us to question it’s existence, it’s meaning, it’s function. Maybe there is no god and there is a god at the same time. Maybe god is asleep, and life is just a dream, we’re all part of the dream and we have to make god realize that he is dreaming and that anything is possible before we can fly or before we can wake up and realize that we’re all one dreamer. Maybe, maybe, maybe. We may never know, all we can do is imagine, and if this is a dream let’s all do what we can to keep it from becomming a nightmare. It’s that simple.

  9. itseasyifyoutry

    On October 16, 2010 at 1:13 pm

    What does it mean to be human? I have an idea about it.
    To be human means to be capable of systematically discovering the world around us, and ultimately the universe from which we were born just like everything else. Knowing that we are intrinsically connected to everyone and everything that ever existed, exists, or will exist. Finding love in that deep connection. I think a better question would be, what does it mean to be alive? Or better yet, what does it mean to exist? To be human means to be capable of fundamentally impacting every other form of life. To be capable of destroying all life including our own species. We are also capable of incredible ignorance of our own potential as a species.

  10. itseasyifyoutry

    On October 16, 2010 at 11:14 pm

    P.P.S I’m not saying your stupid. I’m telling you, you’ve been lied to. Because I care about and try to love all of you, an ability you might have thought was exclusively reserved for GOD.

  11. Itseasyifyoutry

    On October 23, 2010 at 9:52 pm

    Cold hard blunt even rude as it may be, delivering the truth is but one of a few universal human moral duties that religion not only turned it’s back on but-like everything else- voided any hope of reconnection to the SANE side of the eternal dichotomy which all religious people robotically oppose by default. Generations and generations like a parasite leeching the true spiritual energy of a species that would otherwise be honest with itself. Can you imagine the bliss, the elation! To be alive! TO BE ALIVE! To be one whole united species that recognizes our imperfections as beautiful and inspiring. Earth, a place where no one is holy and no one is damned, but we all try our hardest to do the best we can to warm our fading souls in this flicker of an existence.

  12. VanHem

    On December 9, 2010 at 12:03 am

    You really did not define what it means to be human, but rather other creatures could be seen as caring. In fact, Native Americans nor Australian Aborigines were seen as fully human but subhuman according to the settlers. As well, other creatures have languages and means of communication so that cannot make this a fully human attribute. Other creatures have logic and common sense, hence this is bad for me and I do not like it so I will leave. Also it is not a good thing to start of a paragraph with a question, it would be more compelling if you were to give a speech. Other species also have the ability to recognize diseases, such as canines who can sense a humans seizure before it occurs. I would be more inclined to argue a case for the biological aspects of the mind that have caused us to be considered human. I do not believe that we have giving other species enough though and effort into learning their interactions and to completely separate our behavior from theirs. One thing that does make us human in terms of western culture is the fact that we are ignorant and nearly separated from nature. We would also have to look at other cultures and see how they determine what being human is and how they are seen as different from other species. You should also take a look at how religion shapes our view of the world and how this compares to what being human is and then compare other religions ideas of this. This is a very white western idea of what being human is and perhaps should not be the only way of looking at it.

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