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Who is a scholar?

The question which always haunt an intelligent student with bad luck.

A person/student who tops in his/her class is really a scholar. It is a question which is of concern for any intelligent student who is unable to reach to the top. Adjectives like scholar, intelligent, brainy, brilliant, and outstanding are added to the name of the topper.


If the toppers are really the best then why do they lose to the average students in the very same field?

The questions the relevance of adjectives used for them.

This creates question for the education system, which in its efforts of standardization inappropriately rank a person. For example, Indian education focuses more on the memorizing skills rather than the logical skills of the students. This causes the toppers to choke in exams which tests logic. This phenomenon is very common in students with science background who wants to pursue engineering in future. The students score good marks by mugging up few notes for exams, but fail to pass any good entrance exam like Indian Institute of Technology- Joint Entrance Examination (IIT-JEE), AICTE.


Education system may be considered the main culprit, but majority of teachers, schools and coaching classes are also responsible who focus on spoon feeding students by giving them readymade notes and by setting papers which just test their memorizing power. The ignorance towards logical development of student leads to problems for everyone.

Students are also to be blamed to certain extent for such a scenario as their need for easy life does not encourage them to demand change in the system. Protest are seen when someone tries to change the system by trying to introduce the greater use of logic in studies. The net outcome is that the students who tops are unable to perform where it matters the most.

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    On April 7, 2009 at 8:24 am

    i would read all the articles in times to come…as all have loads of common sense information……and the writer has put in crystal clear thoughts…….the article about vegeterian food vs non veg is necessary as an eye opener to most of us….i am a follower of naturopathy,accupressure and yog(and not most people say!!),pranaayaam.etc…as a supplement to these practices…going veggie is an ultimate option…….

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