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WHY We Need to Categorize THE World?



            Have you observed your environment? Why is it that everything in this world is categorized according to their nature or existence, to their uses, their parts and also to their sizes? What if we will just combine everything so that we will just exert a less effort?

            Well, the answer is just simple, human by nature has a sense of order depend on the person on whether he/she is lazy or not but most of the time, we use to live in a life that as much as possible everything is arrange and in order so that it will be easy for us to find or look at the important things that we will use. Another reason is that, categorizing the world is like arranging and helping each other to clean not only the environment but also to clean our own selves.

            For example, in our home, why we should separate the kitchen from the bathroom or comfort room? Or why we should separate the bed room and the dining room? It’s because, we don’t want to meet any accident and we don’t want that our house will be so topsy-turvy Imagined if your bed room and dining room is just one, so this might be the situation to happen, while your mother busy preparing for your food, you are also busy preparing yourself to sleep. How will you eat if there is someone sleeping in front of you?Or while your mother busy preparing for the vegetables to be cook you are also busy taking your bath.  How funny.

            But come to analyse it, world is really designed for improvement and development. But how we will do this if we, in ourselves, we don’t know how to arrange our lives and our problems. Remember, change starts in the individual not in the society itself, because changes is not only for the group of people or company but instead, it starts with those individuals who comprises the whole entity.

            So, let me ask you this question, is there really need for us to categorize the world? If yes, had you started it?

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