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10 YRS of Guantanamo- First Enemy, now US Becuase of NDAA

Last month, Congress and President Obama prematurely "celebrated" the 10 year anniversary of Guantanamo Bay by passing the criminal National Defense Authorization Act into law. This will Club Gitmo crowded with US Citizens that can be held without charges, trial or lawyer.

Today is an ominous anniversary as the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba was opened ten years ago today.  It was opened by President Bush after the Sept. 11 attacks to detain non-US Citizens without charges until the “war on terror” ends.  While this is an undeclared war (Afghanistan and Iraq and everything else Obama has done since he became President), this may make sense to keep these people off the battlefield.  Gitmo has been very controversial for treatment of prisoners and whether it is legal or not.  Also, people cleared of any wrongdoing are still being held there.  President Obama said he would shut it down within one year of his becoming the President.  Well, we are now two years past this deadline and there is no sign of it ever shutting down, much less the war on terror ending.

I now turn your attention to last month and the NDAA being passed into law.  The NDAA ignores the Constitution and says that US Citizens can be held at Gitmo or at FEMA Camps or anywhere without charges, trial or lawyer.  President Obama threatened to veto the bill, the media reported.  Obama has already killed US Citizens without charges, so why we would he be opposed to detaining them?  The threat to veto the bill was hollow.  He signed it in Hawaii while he was finishing his $ 4 million junket there.  Obama said he would not use the law to detain citizens.  Well, that promise is as hollow as his veto “threat”. 

Any free loving person should be scared of the NDAA’s color of law to capture citizens and detain them who oppose the political system.  We must get the word out about this bill.  Ron Paul is the only Republican who has condemned this law and this is why I am voting for him.  Mittens Romney, the frontrunner, has said nothing about it.  However, he accepted the endorsement of the author of the NDAA in Congress, John McCain.  What does that tell you?  Please think about this when you vote in the South Carolina primary next Saturday.

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