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American Icons: Sex, Drugs, and Crime – The Real Kennedys

Describes the facts regarding American icon JFK. Discloses the digressions, and the dirty truth about one of America’s most idealized men and the powerful family behind him.

John F. Kennedy has been an icon to many, the pillar of America’s hopes and dreams. Sexy, charismatic, friendly, and a fighter for equality and peace, right? The man that we have idolized and loved for years. But who was the real Kennedy? The most infamous scandal revolving around him was the Marilyn Monroe affair; but I have discovered that the truth surpasses the rumors by far; leaving Bill Clinton’s past affairs far behind and even adds more than just an affair to be ashamed of. But it doesn’t stop there, with his families rocky past, it is no wonder as to why JFK did the things he did.

John F. Kennedy has been well known for his long term affair with sex icon Marilyn Monroe(who has been said to also have slept with John’s brother, Bobby Kennedy). JFK has also been sexually linked to other celebrities such as Audrey Hepburn, Jayne Mansfield, and Angie Dickinson. But of course it doesn’t stop there, the man has also been noted to have slept with Jackie’s sister, Lee Radziwell. Wow, what a way to keep it in the family. Speaking of Jackie, it is also rumored that Kennedy briefly married a Palm Beach socialite prior to his marriage with Jackie and then apparently had second doubts and had a friend steal the marriage certificate from the court house(I guess it’s good to have friends in high places when you have cold feet).This can also resemble his nephew Joe Kennedy’s marriage to Sheila Rauch. Joe and Sheila were married for 12 years when he decided to have his marriage annulled by the Vatican himself. She only discovered this years after the fact when Joe remarried and least to say was angry about it. Nine years later the Roman Rota reversed the decision of the annulment, which if you do the math makes Joe a polygamist. Bobby’s daughter Kerry, has also publically been known to have practiced in philandering and with a married man; needless to say she also had a divorce as an affect. It doesn’t stop there, Michael Kennedy, also Robert’s son, had an affair with a 14 year old babysitter that lasted for years! In an attempt to redeem himself, he did what many famous people do-he entered a treatment for his sex addiction. Alicia Purdom was a woman who was paid off to keep her pregnancy by John Kennedy a secret, who had promised to marry her (and obviously he didn’t). Joan Lundberg kept her relationship no secret about John; she has said that he paid for her to have an abortion of his baby and left nothing to imagination with the interesting little tidbits that he loved threesomes. A White House intern was raped by JFK, it was statutory.William Smith Kennedy, John’s nephew, went through a famous trial for rape ; but as most of these Kennedy’s seem to-he got away with it;oh excuse me, he was acquitted.John has also been known to hire prostitutes and call girls for his benefit, some even say that he had been with one only an hour and a half prior to his famous Nixon debate (no wonder he was in such a good mood throughout the whole thing). The secret service even had code names for two girls kept on call at the White House used for sex. The code names were Fiddle and Faddle, if you ask me that’s not much of a code for hookers.One Mary Pinchot mysteriously was murdered after an affair with Kennedy; she did keep a diary of their escapades even including information that they had done drugs together-and of course the CIA ended up with this diary.JFK also had ties with the mafia, a woman, Alicia Dar Clark was in relations to the mafia and an often visitor to the white house, that is until she claimed to have gotten pregnant by Kennedy who paid for another abortion.JFK was also said to have a permanent STD. And with all of this experience you would think that he would have known what he was doing in bed but apparently he didn’t. Lover Angie Dickinson along with Jackie herself claimed that he was quite quick in the sack.

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