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An Open Letter to The Presidential Candidates of 2012 and Beyond

As many of us have, recently I received emails concerning the political campaigns of the Presidential Candidates and their views of the issues at hand. While I do not partake in politics as a general rule, I feel I must respond to any and all of these politicians that think they are the person for this job. I do not wish to open a debate or to cause anyone any issue. I only speak from my heart as all citizens of this country should. This is my open letter to anyone who wishes to lead our country.

To the presidential candidates of 2012 and beyond,

While I appreciate you using your rights as a citizen of the United States to run for the position of US President, I am forced to wonder about the candor of anyone who runs for this office. The American people as a whole have lost faith in the politics of this once great nation. I for one have found it difficult in the past several elections to choose a lesser of two evils with the candidates that have been chosen to run for this most honored position. So, I have chosen, like many others, to just simply not vote. Many of us choose this as many of us feel that voting for any candidate forces us to abandon some or all of our convictions.
Our country was founded by a group of people who were tired of being persecuted for their beliefs and their lifestyles, it was founded by people who wanted to be a part of something greater than themselves and not be forced to bend at the will of one or many men, they wanted to be treated as equals and be given the same considerations as their neighbors. Yet, our fellow countrymen and political leaders take it upon themselves to enact vengeance on those who do not worship the same “God” as them, they speak out against those that wish to marry whom they choose (whether same sex or otherwise), some discount people because of their creed or color, some force people from their homes because they wish to build a highway or a “public” structure, some allow doctors to turn away patients in great need because of a lack of insurance only to perform unnecessary procedures on someone at the very next turn.
These and many more issues plague our Country and until someone with the strength to stand up for the principles that this country was founded on and make positive changes for our country runs for office, we will never have a great leader.
Our country needs a single purpose. Something to aspire to. Something to be proud of once again. Kennedy created a purpose for the United States when he proposed we go to the moon. Washington helped lead the original Americans to create an independent country that was run for the people and by the people. Many other great leaders led our country to be the Great Nation it was meant to be.
I ask in earnest. Can you live up to the standards set before you? In recent times no one has been the leader that we, as a country, need. We need someone who will not concern themselves with petty issues and renew the American people’s faith in their Government and their Country. We need someone who will be a beacon of hope for those who have become hopeless. We need someone who can put aside their personal bias and make decisions based on what is right and not what is popular.
I sincerely hope that you are this person. For if you truly are, I and many more like me may be inclined to vote again. But if we do place our faith in you for this most prestigious position, do not let us down. The damage of disappointment and loss of Faith is more damaging than any wound, physical or otherwise.
Many candidates speak of our Flag and how we must regain our faith and trust in the symbol of our country. As a child I sent a small flag to my Grandfather who was serving in Operation Desert Storm so that he would remember who he was fighting for. At that age that flag meant a lot to me. It gave me hope. It reminded me that I was part of a nation that was strong and proud. I hope I can feel as strongly in the Flag once more as I did when I was a child. Only our leader can help make this happen. I wish you all luck in your campaign and I hope, if you succeed in your endeavor, you are that person that can make the American people proud once more.

Thank you for your time,
Yours Truly,
James M L Parker.

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