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Beckham’s Big Penis?

Beckham’s big penis?

The real excitement was provided Italian gossip magazine reporter, when she was trying to “measure” in the presence of natural size paparazi photographers and models footballer David Beckham.

Controversial TV reporter Elena Di Cioccio the initiative of their audience has prepared a report, which is actually the size Beckehmova natural, with regard to its promotional still photo shoot for a fashion giant Armani, where the photos look pretty good.

Beckham is obviously not happy, nor has it been able to complete the interview and had to retreat.

Elena to her show in Le Lene (The hyenas) said: “I do not think it’s real size. I think that everything is digitally manipulated photos than those releases out. I want my audience to tell the truth as it then with his equipment is. ”

After this embarrassment, when David was no longer safe, and aimed it straight home, Elena, pronounced crushing verdict: “I touched him, and is small. David, you fooled us. What did you use? Floss? It’s all a trick. ”

A spokesman for David Beckham to the incident said: “The reporter surprised him, after a while he realized it was just an innocent game. He never touched him, the only thing in her hand, were his pants. ”

What about that David has it, and who is right, we can only dream of men What is certain is that if you need to do around the positive buzz, is the world’s celebrities made. : O)

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