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Causes of Political Instability in the 21st Century and Possible Solutions

This article discuss why there is political instability in developed and developing world as witnessed in every day media. It discuss these issues on the basis of current political, economic, social factors and individual differences as well as environmental conditions. It provides some solutions to minimize instability and a better world in future for all countries.

In the contemporary world at the moment in the 20 th and 21st century political instability in certain parts of the world is a norm than an exception. As well, in developed countries in some situations political stability arises as evidenced by media reports. For example, in the Middle East, in Africa and in certain parts of Asia political and economic instability is a norm.  In the 21st century, terrorism is an important issue affecting the stability of the current political and economic order.  In this era, due to environmental problems and the current debate about green house effect  cause conflict and policy issues in developed and developing world. Because of this, there is a division between the developed and developing world on reducing the green house gases. Its certainly contribute to refugee crisis, famine and draught in developing and developed world.

As mentioned above, it is obvious even after the cold war,  there is no political instability at least in many parts of the world and even in developed countries. It is also important to note even after liberalization of trade to some extent and globalization of economies most of the so called developing countries suffer political and economic instability. As well, the current financial turmoil is affecting the developing world to a very considerable degree than the developed world. The causes of these instabilities are very complex in nature.

In my view, the current solutions are not adequate and it increases these problems not reducing it. For example, after the September 11 terrorist attack on the US, the military intervention in Iraq did not produce a stable situation in Iraq. The day to day events in the media and the military troops there is a testament that the terrorist issue still exist in Iraq and in Afghanistan. Like wise, the Palestinian issue is still unresolved and conflict occurs often in the Middle East. In addition, in Asia the North Koren atomic and other adventures has a definite potential to produce world wide political instability in the future. This problem must be resolved adequately by the United Nations and by international diplomatic initiatives. These facts show, the world still has the conditions for political stability to continue in the near future. What ever the media pretension, the world in not having a new world order but a disorder in my view as discussed above. No body can disagree with the issues of political instability because they are facts and truth in essence what ever the political interpretations of these events and ideological pretensions.

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