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Five New Yorkers “Move” to a Museum

Designed by the Italian company Clei and furnished by Resource Furniture
They get maximize this tiny space.New York could build its first building micro apartament.

“In New York, your apartment is your room and your living city” is one of the ‘mantras’ resort to the most real estate agents when trying to convince a foreigner to rent one of the tiny studies city ​​of skyscrapers.

But the Museum of the City of New York wants to prove that with a little ingenuity, a microapartamento can fit both the bedroom and living room, and it has invited five people to take turns to live for this weekend in the apartment of 30 square meters has built on its third floor.

“When I raised what I thought it was too small, but then when you’re living here is different, it feels open, does not seem even remotely how small it is,” says Taylor Jones, an intern in the museum, along with its companion Emily Theakston work, were encouraged to spend 24 hours in this small space.

From 6 pm on Thursday until the same time on Friday, Jones and Theakston shared this microapartament designed by the Italian company Clei and furnished by Resource Furniture, which is dedicated to import to the United States ‘multi-purpose furniture’ made ​​in Europe.

A desk chair that turns into a stairway, a side table that becomes four seats or one double bed that folds into the wall to make way for a sofa are some of the proposals that achieve maximize this tiny space.

“It is very modern and chic, very practical, I love to have many of these designs in my own home because I say, ‘this is an amazing invention” says Theakston, who, despite living in a townhouse normally says not feel “cloistered” thanks to the organization of space.
They have the experience on Facebook

The occupants of this unique microapartamento that for one day get into the skin of a contestant on ‘Big Brother’ to be exposed to the gaze of visitors to the New York museum, go live describing the experience through social networks.

“It is not only biodegradable, but also that this bed is super comfortable,” tweeted the wake Theakston. On Friday took over the head designer of Resource Furniture, challie Stillman, and his girlfriend, Colombian attorney Lina Franco, who left for a day his one-bedroom apartment in Williamsburg (Brooklyn) to ‘move’ to the museum and even organized dinner with eight people, two of them Spanish.

“I’m just not claustrophobic, I grew up in Brooklyn with my mother in an apartment in a room in a basement and I slept in the room, so I’m not for people accustomed to living in a villa of 1,200 meters,” says Franco, born in Medellin (Colombia) and emigrated to America at age twelve.

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