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Future Forecasts (Nostradamus and Jucelino Nobrega Da Luz)

We do not know the disaster is coming. For that we have to anticipate by looking at the past.

Predictions of futureThere are many forecasters that we know and are quite popular among the community. In Indonesia, we know there is Mama Laurent, Ki Joko Bodho, etc.. Then there are also overseas Nostradamus and Jucelino Nobrega.

Nostradamus, physician born in 1503, predicted many world events, from politics, war, to natural disasters. Characteristic predictions is shaped “strange rhyme”. In almost all predictions, he does not mention the exact date, also did not mention the exact location, it only write clues and symbols. But experts analyze and then confirmed many predictions have been shown to occur, and many more that will happen in this century.

Prof. Jucelino Nobrega da Luz, forecasters from Brazil, he is also a teacher, who is still alive, has advantages compared to Nostradamus. Jucelino citing predict the exact date and location. Jucelino Nobrega da Luz has proved many predictions actually happen. He had sent a letter to Princess Diana that he would be killed in a car accident prior to 2000. In 1989 he warned the President of the USA, “On 11 September 2001 the World Trade Center would be attacked.”
Jucelino Nobrega da Luz is Brazilian, born in 1960, the profession is now a schoolteacher, and his wife and two children live a simple life, he was a very ordinary city dwellers. Events that he predicted with a date, month, year cataclysmic events and comes with clear instructions.Besides that in the future if there is a third party who doubt the validity of his predictions, forecasts Jucelino always publish the dates and events of the incident, asking for approval notary bureau or the state postal service, making it easier for others to conduct examination.

The death of Pope predicted the exact date of 2 April 2005
On the condition of Pope John II disease worsening and warnings about death, from 2001 until two months before the Pope died, Jucelino’ve sent many letters and SMS messages to the Pope, in November 2004, five months before the death of the Pope, the letter prediction Jucelino: “Unfortunately, the Pope’s illness on March 30, 2005 got worse again, if constantly like this, perhaps on the 2nd of April 2005 due to relapse will die.”
Make Predictions Princess Diana
Dated March 4, 1997, warning letter sent via post to Lady Diana, “I received information from God, there are malicious plans scenarios for your car accident, you may also experience mental harm, seven angels said so to me. Chances are you will die in a car crash this time, but experts could probably think of it as human error and take care when driving as the scene of the accident, but they are completely wrong. The killer is near you … the killing is likely to occur prior to the year 2000. “Divination Al Gore become vice president and Nobel peace achieved Former U.S. vice-president, Al Gore, seeking to study the problem of global warming, his well-known that An inconvenience TruthOscar so much people welcome global warming issues bitterly Al Gore who was transferred to the silver screen. Indeed, in 19 years ago, ie in 1988, Jucelino already meramalnya, the news was published in the magazine Moon has made a film, even also has the 6th edition of the prize.

Jucelino already menginfokan to Al Gore, from the years 1993 – 2001 he was the vice-president would be served the Clinton administration, will later try to persevere toward activities that protect the environment on Earth, but it will also be celebrated with essay book titled An inconvenience Truth. In a letter written in English was, appropriately Jucelino also mention the book title. It also informed the activities of Al Gore is going to be recognized and managed to get the Nobel peace prize in 2007. Then let’s look at his predictions for the coming years. Year 2009: The massive earthquake in Sumatra on December 16 – January 25 will be a big earthquake 8.9 on the Richter scale air attack Osaka and Kobe, Japan, feared the death toll reached several tens of thousands of people.

- In November in Japan large earthquake happens again, there will be thousands of people dead.- The Brazilian government due to the economic crisis and unable to issue insurance funds and pensions, so that the people in the capital and a prison revolt.- On 24 August in Istanbul, Turkey, will be a big earthquake 8.9 on the Richter scale, many roads were cracked and broken.- On December 16, in the eastern region of Sumatra, Indonesia, there would be 7.8 on the Richter scale earthquake, thousands of people were killed.Year 2010: the global economic crisis
- The temperature of some African countries are likely to increase up to 58 ° Celsius, along came a severe shortage of clean water.- On June 15 at the New York stock market would collapse, the world economy will enter a crisis situation.Temperatures in Africa can reach 58 ° Celsius, the numbers at the beginning of hearing as if it’s hard to believe, but in reality at the beginning of May 2007, according to the info the travelers who go around the African region, the temperature in Greece and Turkey had reached 39 ° to 40 ° Celsius, while the main capital of Iraq and the Arabian peninsula enduring constant high temperature at 45 ° – 46 ° Celsius, the highest temperature in summer is possible to occur. Temperature early May alone was so high, you can imagine in 2010 the future global warming will get worse, temperatures in many African countries it is possible to print out a record that is difficult to imagine.Year 2011: H5NI bird flu kills 73 million people
- Research methods of healing cancer managed with success, but other new diseases will emerge.- Outbreaks of the deadly poison would appear, called ALS, which causes loss of immunity, if the disease is within 4 hours of going to die.- Avian influenza type H5NI officially began attacking the man, until the year 2013 there were approximately 73 million people have died due to this virus.Year 2012: Amazon jungle disappears
- Because of the expansion area field fires during the drought, gurunisasi begins, between the years 2015 – 2020 would have disappeared Amazon jungle.- Starting December 6th the sky turns into a black cloud, known as dense fog due to the weather.- Because of the spread of infectious diseases of mankind from extinction.Year 2013: successful cancer cure
- Research for cancer treatment methods other than brain tumor declared successful.- Island of the Bahamas islands West Indies (cluster near the Caribbean islands), between November 1 to 25 due to the volcano erupted’s an earthquake, then a tsunami will also super giant 150-meter high tsunami waves as high as approximately 80 meters will sweep the Caribbean sea, the mainland U.S., Brazil and others will also hit deep into the mainland up to 15-20 km. Before the tsunami, the sea water will recede as deep as 6 feet tall, a large number of turtles also will begin to move.Year 2014: a small planet approaching Earth
Little planet earth is slowly approaching and there is the possibility of colliding with the Earth, the existence of this small planet affects issues arise concerning the sinking of mankind on earth.2015: temperature 59 degrees, many people die from heat
Mid-November the world’s average temperature reaches 59 ° Celsius possible, there are a lot of people die from the heat, thus the confusion of the world getting worse.Year 2016: George Bush critical
- Mid-April typhoon attacks, there was capital cities in China were damaged, some 1,000 people were killed.- U.S. President George W. current Bush going into hospital emergency room, his soul at death’s door.Year 2018: meeting of world leaders about the small planet
On the issue of small planet to earth approach, the various governments of the world leaders gathering convened handling. Jucelino in 2000 had predicted, but it also tells the little planet’s existence to NASA, on June 31, 2002 NASA officials are calling a small minor planet “2002NZT7″.Year 2026: San Francisco tsunami as high as 150 meters
- There was a super big earthquake in San Francisco in June, referred to as “The Big One”, the San Andreas Fault faults can be damaged, the state of California could be destroyed, many volcanic crater would be open again, the height of the tsunami can exceed 150 meters.Year 2043: the earth’s population is reduced drastically
Drastically reduced world population, approximately 80% of the population died in the disaster.

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