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GOP Presidential Debate

The presidential hopefuls had a debate in New Hampshire last night; hosted by CNN.

Last night at the GOP, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Michelle Bachmann, Hermann Cain, Ron Paul, and Tim Pawlenty took to the stage trying to answer the questions of New Hampshire voters. 

While  the point of the debate was to tell the public what they would do is elected president, the GOP candidates spent a vast majority of the night taking shots at Barack Obama. 

Although a clear winner cannot be decided upon, as people opinions vary, it is possible to say that the stand out was Michelle Bachmann, who not only announced that she will be running for president but also said that Barack Obama will be a one term president. Mitt Romney maintained his front-runner statues because no one attack him. Tim Pawlenty had a perfect opportunity to attack Mitt Romney on his health care plan but shied away from the chance. He later took to his twitter page, decrying Romney’s health care reform in Massachesetts.

On the issues discussed, the most controversial was that of whether the GOP field would be comfortable with a muslim in their cabinet. Only Herman Cain out-right said that he would not be comfortable with a muslim in his administration. All the other candidates simply beat around the bush. 

The GOP presidential debate, overall, was lackluster with all the candidates failing to offer solutions or attack each other and simply saying that Obama is a bad president. Ron Paul went so far as to say that he could think of nothing good Obama has done.

While the debate did not live up to expectation in the minds of some in the GOP field, it has shown that the candidates are building their campaigns on how terrible a leader Obama is instead of telling the American people exact actions they would take to bring around a turn around (without mentioning tax cuts for rich people and killing medicare) and are a bit reluctant to attack each other. 

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