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Hillary Clinton Sex Scandal in The U.s. State Department

Clinton sex scandal at home: The U.S. State Department is said to have swept a series of sex and drug scandals under the carpet. And at such time as Hillay Clinton led the ministry. How should an ambassador in Belgium "have regularly shaken off his personal protection to sexual desires can be fulfilled by prostitutes and minors."

The report, the TV station CBS and CNN on Tuesday, citing reports of the Ministry in 2012.

The diplomat is then indeed summoned for questioning by Washington, however, been left in the office. The investigation was stalled.

After journalists had the diplomats in question, identified as the U.S. ambassador to Belgium, Howard Gutman, himself announced this on Tuesday to speak – and would not hear of the allegations: “I am angry and sad that such outrageous allegations appeared in the press are, “the magazine quoted him as saying” “.

“For four years I was in Belgium in service. The fantastic time this will sully the way, makes me sick. I have never placed such an inappropriate behavior on the day. “

The two major U.S. broadcasters that there has have been eight cases vertuschter scandals in diplomatic circles about sex and drugs in the Clinton administration (January 2009-February 2013).

The case of Belgium is thus not an isolated case. Thus, a drug ring in Iraq have regularly supplied by the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad security forces. An official of the State Security Service in Beirut had been involved in a sexual assault.

On official state travel in Russia and Colombia should have used the services of prostitutes employees.

The U.S. State Department initially responded to the allegations behavior. “We take every allegation very seriously,” spokeswoman Jen Psaki said on Tuesday.

The White House spokesman, Jay Carney, said that President Obama show “zero tolerance for bad behavior of public officials.” It now wants to check the facts.

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