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Hollande’s Affair with an Actress Puts His Political Career in Jeopardy

Its possible relationship with actress Julie Gayet has become catastrophic folleton for the president’s credibility.

François Hollande and Julie Gayet

The scandal possible amorous relations between President François Hollande and actress Julie Gayet has become catastrophic folletón for the president’s credibility.

78% of readers Closer -weekly that launched the scandal in luxury for information and pictures exclusive-estimate the credibility of the president has been “very poor.” Before the scandal, only 20 or 21% of French people have a good opinion said the head of state.

Le Monde and Le Figaro agree that the scandal has broken out at the worst time, when the president tried to “reconstruct” your picture, threatening to “weaken” the press conference next Tuesday, presented for months as a political event ” fundamental “.

Hollande was paid to the intention to “revive” their projects social – liberal reforms. Two days ago, the only questions are repeated, like a whirlwind, the web of all the French media are much more vaudeville. The weekly Le Point asks his readers: “Should President Valéry Trierweiler separated? Hollande? Announce its separation from the current first lady? ‘.

Before the storm, Elysee spokesmen try to keep calm pure facade, commenting, willy-nilly, “The president will not say anything about his personal life before the big press conference Tuesday.”

Hollande has indirect but very solid the entire political class “complicity”. The leaders of the UMP (Union for a Popular Movement, Sarkozy’s party) refused to comment on the scandal, fearing shrapnel peppering finished somehow the love life of some conservative leaders.

Le Monde, Liberation, Le Figaro did not want to “draw blood” with the scandal, merely reported “rapier” on the political dimension of the revelations about the troubled love life of the President. None of the major French media calls responsibilities or clarification to a head of state in the locked bunker that you want to preserve silence on behalf of his “right to privacy”. In this field the French law provides absolute hypocrisy of the entire political class.

Valéry Trierweiler, the companion of the president and Ségolène Royal, the mother of Hollande’s four children, traditionally talkative and communicative, kept a stony silence on alleged or actual relationships with Julie Gayet Hollande. Relationships that no one has denied, sheltering all players in the agreed silence, appealing to the “right to privacy”.

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