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I Will Always Love You: A PHC

This is just another fan fiction, JK ROWLING OWNS EVERYTHING HARRY POTTER!

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Author: Author2b9411bloggergirl
Rated: K+ – English – Romance/Tragedy – Published: 04-01-13 – Updated: 04-01-13 id:9160701

ADMIN GINNY POTTER’S (who is on Facebook) PHC, that I wrote:

“Caitlin! Caitlin!” a voice called out to me, I turned, my brown hair swishing in my face. A sighed in relief as Fred Weasley came running over to me. He picked me up in his strong arms, twirling me around in a warm, greeting embrace.

“I was so worried, when we got separated in that corridor-,” I cut him off, kissing him. He kissed me back, softly, lovingly, I never wanted another person to kiss me, I only wanted Fred Weasley. We broke away, unwillingly.

Suddenly, Fred pushed me down. “UMPH!” He rolled over, shooting green and red streams of magic over the pile of rubble that we now sat behind. I looked over the top of the mound, there stood a deatheater, firing mercilessly at us.

“Go! GO!” he yelled, motioning to me. We both began to run. We jumped over baby acromantulas and helped each other over rubble.

As we came around to the corner of one corridor, we saw two feet sticking out from where two walls met. I approached the feet, my green eyes making their way up the long owners of the scuffed, ripped up tennis shoes, to a bloody, dirt coated face. I bent down beside them, Fred soon at my side.

He reached around me, placing two dusty fingers on the person’s neck. “She’s still alive,” he said to me. Inspecting the scene more, I noticed that her leg was bleeding profusely, her black hair clung to her sweat soaked face, her brownish eyes trying desperately to stay open.

She coughed. “Don’t worry, we’ll help you,” I assured the girl, who appeared to be a fourth year, maybe third. I began to take off my belt, to stem the blood flow a bit, but as I looked up, I saw that Fred’s hand was over the girl’s leg. A warm, reddish-yellow-green glow emanated from his hand. Slowly, the wound closed, leaving only a red, sticky reminder of what had once been.

“Fred, what’d you do? That was incredible!” I exclaimed, I had never seen such magic, until today I hadn’t even known that it EXISTED! “A healing spell, old form of magic, learned it from Lupin,” his breathing had quickened. “Are you okay?” I asked him, concernedly putting a hand on his shoulder.

Liked it
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