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In The Interest of Political Correctness

A list of 10 things one can do to prove he or she is not a racist.

In the Interest of Political Correctness…

Black history month is upon us. God bless any group of people, whatever their color however I don’t see a need to single out “Black” versus “Non Black” to honor for a 28 day time period every year.  Political correctness dictates that we just sit down, shut up and go along for the ride, I don’t think so. In honor of Black History Month, I have created How to Not be a A Racist in Ten Easy Steps.

1. Blame yourself for all that ills society because you are white..or yellow…or brown,(or any other color).

2. Realize you suck because you are not black.

3. Worship all non white, (yellow, brown or any other color), people as superior.

4. Learn Ebonics.

5. Strongly believe in affirmative action, no matter what the cost.

6. Watch Oprah religiously and agree with her on everything.

7. Buy a home in the ghetto and refurbish it.

8. Believe OJ is innocent and the real killers are still out there.

9. Celebrate Kwanza.

10. Marry inter racially.

Congratulations! You are now not a racist!

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