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Mitt Romney Does Not Understand Foreign Policy

In last night debate between Mitt Romney and Obama. To me it seems that Mitt don’t understand any of it. Republican said he played it safe but how does that help our allies around the world.

Last night was one of the worst performance in a debate by Mitt Romney. He did not debate with Obama but agree with most of the issues he was once against. Why did he do this? Well he did not want to look dumb but in some way he did. He took back every thing he said so far.  Form saying it a bad idea to have a time line to get out of Afghanistan but in debate had the same plan as Obama. 

This is the major issue when it comes to Mitt Romney. Where does he stand on issue of foreign policy that is different form the current president. He said nothing but agree with him. How does that help him. It makes no sense to me. He wanted troops in Iraq but denies saying it.  He said he would not move heaven and earth to get Bin Laden but in the debate said that it was the right call by the president.

  Fox news and republicans keep saying he went on an apology tour but did not. It not true in any way. He went to countries to help them see that our country is better and will support them. How is that an apology tour. What about the insulting tour Mitt Romney went on though Europe. He said “The British people were not ready  to host the Olympics”. Why would Mitt Romney say “Russia is without a question our No. 1 geopolitical foe.” When he was in Poland and were ask questions. Mitt decide not to answer questions. In the debate last night Mitt Romney in his closing argument saying “If we continue down this path we will end up like Greece.” 

One issue that was not discuss in last night debate was the European crisis but when we look at what Mitt Romney said in the past about European counties. He acts like they don’t know what they are doing. Most people consider Mitt Romey tour in Europe to be Casual Racism Tour. 

When Mitt Romney visit Israel he host a fundraiser and made couples pay up to $50,000 and $9.20 to listen to him speak. Why would someone do this and also say that he cares for Israel. If you care than why did you show up in Israel to make money. If you went there to see the people why did they have to pay. Maybe if the Polish people payed Mitt Romney money. He might answer your questions. When Obama visit Israel he visit places that were attack by missiles and spoke with the people for free and visit the Yad Vashem. If you did watch the debate than you miss him saying he went to Yad Vashem as a reminder of what true evil is. Let me get this right Obama went to Israel to visit and speak with the people but Romney went to make money.  Fox news and Republican say that he does not care about Israel because he did not go to Israel when Obama went on this  apology tour. 

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