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MSM Has Hillary Running in 2016

Hillary denied over and over again that she was not going to run, but than again, she also denied us information on Benghazi. Will she run in 2016, the Main stream media seem to be at their antics again.

It seems that the Obama pocket media, better known as the Main Stream media, otherwise known as the far left liberal media, has Hillary Clinton running for President in 2016. The media says she cannot lose, and Hillary never even announced she is running. The fact is, If she were to run, she would continue to do the same progressive liberal things Obama has done.

Hillary, the media’s answer to the Madonna, might run, but can she win on her record? The answer to many will be yes. If Obama can win on no record, Hillary can certainly win on hers. Hillary, the woman who was involved in the White Water scandal, that lasted, several years, as well as the Benghazi cover up where four Americans were murdered, and America has been lied to again and again. Hillary, the woman who bows to Middle East terror, and scolds America any chance she gets, Hillary, wife of Bill Womanizer Clinton, who was impeached, well almost because of his wondering power.

The media will have you believe, the Clintons, and Obama, are saints and actor Jamie Foxx will attest to that being Obama is his Lord and Savior.

You see, it is not what the Media reports, it is what they omit that harms America. No one team has done so much to harm America, Obama Hillary, and the media, including Hollywood will rule the day, when America, turns to communism. Lets hope people wont fall for the hype as they did with Obama, if Hilary gets in, to continue Obama’s work, its dasveedanja time.

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