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Newt Gingrich: The Failed Campaign

Newt Gingrich’s top capaign aides rsign in masse.

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To say that Newt Gingrich had a chance at winning the Republican nomination would be the equivalent of admitting stupidity. That being said, the sudden implosion of the Gingrich campaign is a bit of shock.

Gingrich, in a move that can be understated as idiotic, decided that a cruise with his wife to the Greek Isles woul be a great idea for a presidential hopeful. It was not. His top campaign aides did not believe that a vacation in the middle of a campaign would be smart. It is reported that they wanted the presidential hopeful to run a traditional, grassroots campaign but Calista, Gingrich’s wife, apparently had more clout than the campaign aides.

While this is a somewhat terrible way for a presidential hopeful’s campaign to end (lets be honest! his campaign is dead), Gingrich’s run for president for destined to fail for numerous reasons.

  1. He has been married three times. While some people might say that his personal life has no bearing on his politics, his many marriages and divorces show a lack of commitment and an inability to settle disputes, a major part of being president. His numerous failures in many aspects: his marriages, campaign, and speeches, show that he lacks the discipline to carry on an effective campaign.
  2. He bought $500,000 worth of jewelry on credit without interest. In today’s tough economy, few people can afford such an obscene purchase (at least not the majority of people who will be voting in the election).
  3. Newt Gingrich successfully alienated himself from the GOP when he correctly criticized the Ryan plan as “radical” and “right-wing social engineering”. While his opinion is somewhat correct, it is idiotic to offend the very people who have the power to nominate you. Of course, that comment is not the first time Gingrich has made a comment designed to screew him over.

Although Gingrich’s baggage is not as much as Romney’s, his fire brand rhetorics, designed to promote him and keep in the spotlight, has damaged any chance of him being anything more than a guest on FOX News.

Gingrich said on his facebook wall that he intends to renew his campaign but lets be honest. The campaign is damn waste of time and will simply keep him in the news for some time.

Tim Pawlenti, on the other hand, seized a perfect opportunity and has begun to take on some of Gringrich’s aides.

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