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Obama Wins Over Romney?

Barrack Obama Beats Mitt Romney…America Loses.

I hope Barrack Hussein Obama wins the election over Mitt Romney.  I really do.  I’m going to vote for Romney of course but I truly believe it is going to take another disastrous four years with Obama at the helm for the more ignorant Americans to finally wake up. 

Liberals are in general, a dependent lot.  They make up a large percentage of those who are firmly reliant on government handouts of any kind.  Be it welfare, food-stamps, money to start a business based on the color of one’s skin, etc.  Liberals are ON that gravy train because when you lack the entrepreneurial spirit and have a penchant for self-pity, capitalism will leave you behind.  

Over the course of not quite four years, Obama has swiftly steered the nation on course to certain disaster.  No doubt the man knows socialism doesn’t work in the long run (see Europe’s current woes) but in the short term a socialist philosophy garners him votes. 

The past few years have seen record unemployment numbers, for which Obama blames Bush.  A great divider, not the great uniter he was promised to be.  More bailouts for big business.  Protecting Attorney General Eric Holder selling guns to Mexican cartels.  Broken promises like closing Gitmo.  The highest taxes the middle class has ever seen in the history of the United States.  A complete catastrophe of a first term!

When the next four years see no improvement on the economic front, I for one am curious to whom Obama’s finger will point this time.  One thing I do know, it won’t be to himself.  The man’s ego won’t allow for it.

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