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Paul Ryan’s Post-election Career Options

Please, please, PLEASE! I’m sure he’s a good enough guy, but there are other things I’m SURE he’d be better at!

Ever since Paul Ryan was nominated to run with Mitt Romney as his Vice-Presidential candidate, many of his tall tales have received a LOT of airplay and ridicule as a result.

Here are a few thing Paul Ryan may want to consider when his bid for the Presidential Ticket falls through in a few short weeks:

Paul Ryan Mountain Guides

Who better than a man who has supposedly summitted “38 or 39” of Colorado’s 14,00 foot plus peaks in Rocky Mountain National Park. Perhaps his brother Tobin could give him a hand in guiding people up these seemingly “easy” ascents.

Paul Ryan Marathon Training

Since Paul Ryan is evidently able to complete marathons in record time, perhaps he could coach people on how to improve their endurance skills when it comes to one of the most physically challenging and demanding sports out there.

Paul Ryan Public Speaking

Paul Ryan certainly has the gift of gab, and why not use that to train future political hopefuls as to how to blatantly just “tell it like it is?” He has singularly proven that a public figure can say almost anything they want and get away with it practically unscathed.

Paul Ryan’s Charge for Q/A

According to the New York Times, last year Paul Ryan charged individuals exorbitant amounts of money to entertain their questions and give back his two cents. If someone could teach me how to accomplish this, I might not be crying sadly by my computer, unemployed, hoping someone would just read my articles.

(Please read my articles)

Paul Ryan’s School of the Thousand-Yard Stare

Although he continues to blunder left and right, according to most sources and people with brains intact, Paul Ryan appears to be one-hundred percent oblivious to the repercussions of his statements, politics, and for that matter, which particular century he happens to live in.

These are just a few examples of what Paul Ryan can do if his political career crumbles into oblivion in the next few months. I’d be happy to write some press pieces and hard-sell copy writing if he’ll have me. I know he won’t read it anyway.

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