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Political Health Care = Socialism

Vladimir Lenin – one of the fathers of socialism is said something like – “Universal health care is the keys tone of the arch through which socialism marches. “ Most conservatives agree that socialized medicine and ObamaCare are bad for America. Most are also completely oblivious to the fact that our medicine was socialized at the point that it became political and Americans quit paying for their own health care.

By 1955 55% of American got health insurance through their employers. That means that someone else was paying for the medial care of the majority of Americans. The selling point of employer base health care was that it was an “employee benefit.” Since that day the conventional wisdom has been that been pushed on us by politicians and health insurance companies – among others – is that health care is simply too expensive for the average American to afford.

That’s bull! That’s bunk and hokum!

What is too expensive is health insurance! Yet health care and health insurance have been touted as the same thing for years by – guess who – the health insurance companies and the government. These two entities all profit massively by promoting that outright lie. It is a documented fact that only for every dollar sent to a health insurance company in the form of premiums, only 25 cents of that dollar goes to care. Yet because someone else is paying the bill – currently employers, and soon ObamaCare – no one is screaming about this – except me!

Imagine if you paid $10.00 to get $2.50 of food. Or you paid $100.00 to get $25.00 worth of clothing. You would be beyond upset and looking elsewhere for food and clothing. BUT because someone else pays the bill you take your low co-pays – fearing that if you rock the boat that you will lose the health care. You yell about ObamaCare and want politicians to stop it, but the truth is America you asked for this. You asked for it by taking less and less responsibility both personally and financially for your health care.

When you do that you open the door for things like ObamaCare. You expect politicians – the authors and architects of our current socialist health care system to undo what they have spent 80+ years constructing.

If you stay where you are America,m you’ll continue to get what you’re getting and more.

If, however, you decide you want to do the right thing for your health care go to www.Care and sign up to get your health care and ObamaCare questions answered via email.

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