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Political Propaganda and Its Affects on National and International Communities

How political propaganda is used to manipulate people worldwide to particular views and the affects of such power and influence.

Politics plays a fundamental role in societies around the world with, I would argue detremental consequences for the global community. Propaganda is so significant that it influences the masses on a daily basis so as to weild power and influence for individual purposes. Indeed I would strongly suggest that those people who have power use speciific propaganda tools which aim to keep the masses in their place. Everything which can be viewed and scrutinised is often used as a way of manipulating people into thinking and acting the way the powers that be would desire. Newspapers, television, radio, books, leaflets, magazines, cartoons, letters, the internet, and email are all examples of of propaganda which are used to convincet he human world to think as those producing the material do.

The written word is not the only form of communication used to control people. Art such as painting and sculpture is also utilised to suppress free thought and action in their lives. The images each individual piece of art work often convey messages to convince the viewer of the artists bias towards a particular issue or concern he or she has of the wider world. I would argue that art is a more powerful example than the written word as images provide an immediate picture of the world as the artist sees it making it easier for him or her to produce a world of clones. Cloning the masses is advantageous for power seekers as there isn’t anyone to challenge their authority to rule he or she sees fit.

In conclusion propaganda is a powerful tool for those people with power and influence to suppress the masses by manipulating them to their views and desires.

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